Just got my Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope..

  1. 0 Just wanted to say that it's awesome. Much, much better than the cheaper base models you see floating around. I'm not saying that those are worthless or anything, but this one was worth the money. I see it as an investment for the future. Makes listening to heart, breathing, and bowel sounds much clearer and louder. Nice..
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    I love mine, so I will second that!!!

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    Most definately!!! I love mine too! It's better to buy a good stethoscope once.. than to keep "upgrading".
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    I got in nursing school also and it is GREAT. Just keep it on you at all times and dont let people borrow it- it might grow legs.:uhoh21:
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    The coolest part is being able to hear the blood moving around when the heart contracts. Because with the lower-end steths you usually just hear the beats and nothing more.
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    Is it this one? http://www.jascouniform.com/ecom/sho...4612&CATID=176

    I thought about getting one.
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    Quote from CRNASOMEDAY25
    Is it this one? http://www.jascouniform.com/ecom/sho...4612&CATID=176

    I thought about getting one.
    Nope thats a cardiology III. A master cardiology is this one. I have the black edition.
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    They're worth the money. You can hear a lot more than what the simple ones let you hear. I just considered it an investment. I mean, if I'm going to pay a lot for a steth, might as well pay extra for something good that I can use for a long time.

    I'm sure by the time I'm older they'll have something else out that blows this one away, but for now, this one will do just fine..
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    btw, I got mine for a really good price at allheart... check ebay, too.
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    Besides the obvious design difference....can anyone tell me the sound quality difference between the Cardiology III and the Master Cardiology? I had a Cardiology III for about a week and then I left it at clinical on accident..never to see it again. THANKFULLY I had not paid for it out of pocket my pell grant covered it. So right now I am back to my CLassic II and wanted to upgrade again.
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    I have a Cardiology III and love it. It never leaves my neck for fear it will walk off.

    That came back to bite me on my first day on the job as a new LPN. I had decided to not take my stethoscope for fear of I don't know what. I had been previously informed that the nursing home prefers we use the ones they provided. So, I go in to take an apical pulse on a patient before giving his Coreg (he has problems with arrythmias so we watch closely). I couldn't hear a thing with the cheap stethoscope! I'm nervous as can be, this is my first night on the job, and I can't even find a heartbeat! The patient informed me that he was still alive, so he had to have a heartbeat, but I counldn't hear it! I finally found the very faint heartbeat with the stethoscope, but the nurse did wonder what took me so long to count a pulse! The rest of the night I had to really concentrate to hear anything out of that scope. The next night I had my own stethoscope around my neck.
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    I need to have one with both the diaphragm and the bell. Any recommendations out there for a good one?
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    Quote from Scrubz
    The coolest part is being able to hear the blood moving around when the heart contracts.
    No way. If you can hear that well, I'm getting one too!

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