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  1. RNstudent86

    Cleveland Clinic Nursing Student Tuition Assistance Program

    The NEALP is just 10,000 max. Gotta commit for 2 yrs to get the whole 10k.. I knwo you can get the 10k upfront.. at regional hosp.. but to my knowledge not at main campus.
  2. RNstudent86

    Trying to decide on program in cleveland

    If you already have a bacc.. why not look at CSUs program? Or CWRU? or even Akrons?
  3. RNstudent86

    Cleveland Clinic Nurses--Is Big Brother Watching?

    I work at CCF. And I like it. Granted i don't work on a M/S floor. There's something negative at hospital, you have to expect it.
  4. RNstudent86

    chest tube removal

    At my hospital there are a few units that pull them, mine being one. Just pull them out and tie up the purse strings.
  5. RNstudent86

    Young student

    I'm 22 with the RN. I graduated at 21. And dont worry about the age factor.
  6. RNstudent86

    recent N-clex takers send me some responses

    I took the RN on Feb 19th.. and it was pretty easy. 75 questions.. alot of select all that apply, priority.. and a few stupid questions.
  7. RNstudent86

    at 75!!!!

    Man it feels good!!! Hope everyone else is as fortunate.
  8. RNstudent86

    NCLEX This week!!!

    I test on 2/19 and man am I nervous. I'm going over questions.. a few things I'm not 100% on and just reviewing all weekend. Anyone else testing this week? What is your strategy?
  9. RNstudent86

    Come in here if you are taking the boards this week!! Feb 11-15

    i take mine feb 13th.. and man am i nervous.
  10. RNstudent86

    Any G52 CCF RNs here?

    I start Feb 4th and man I'm excited!!!
  11. RNstudent86

    Taking the NCLEX in January? Stop in here...

    Just waiting for my ATT... it needs to come soon.
  12. RNstudent86

    January 2008 NCLEX support thread

    I take it in january as well. Don't know the exact date tho.
  13. RNstudent86

    What do you know about Bryant & Stratton?

    Depends on the student. Ive seen BSN new grads that are horrible clinically. You can't categorize all B&S grads in with the crappy ones.. In my cgraduating class we have a range from smart and competent clincially and others that are rock dumb. Students of any program differ in skill. The decision for me to go there was for no wait list.. I want to get into practice now. And B&S is scheduled for the accredidation approval in January.
  14. RNstudent86

    WA HOOOOOOOOOOOOO last semester!!!

    Been too busy with the semester to really be excited... but with a free moment... it hit me.. ITS THE LAST SEMESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have the coolest preceptorship ever... in the ER.. yeah.. it rocks. :cheers: NCLEX is the scarything coming up... quick. :crash_com
  15. RNstudent86

    What do you know about Bryant & Stratton?

    Well there are 5 semesters, 1st one is just general education, 2nd semester is lab exerience further general education, 3rd semester is Med-surg, 4th is OB/PEDS, 5th is internship, psych/gero, med-surg II. We spent 8 hours a week at clinical.