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I start my first day of orientation for my first RN position tomorrow and my greys anatomy scrub pants are HUGE on me. I am going to have my sister attempt to alter them through the thighs and all the way down the leg tonight.... Read More

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    I'm 5' 2" and around 105 pounds. I wear xxs petite Cherokee drawstring flare-leg pants. I cannot do xxs Cherokee tops as they are HUMONGOUS. Instead I do Grey's anatomy or Koi tops in xs (they dont seem to make xxs) with any sort of drawstring or shaping in the waist. Everything is still loose, but looks professional. I don't like my scrubs to be skintight or too fitted.

    This also means that I can't really do matching scrub sets, so everything has to be in different coordinating colors, but it works.

    Eta: also, scrubs shrink! Big time. Especially those Cherokee pants. I always throw those babies in the dryer on hot when I'm buy them, and thus far they have always come out the right size.
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    I was going to suggest Grey's Anatomy because me and my buddy had the same issue, we both xs and were drawn the Grey's anatomy.
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    Where did you find them?
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    yea..everyone of my classmates had scrubs that were too long and we rolled them up in hoping we would get a little taller before our 22nd birthday...except one of our buddy's used that sticky ironing strip and got her boyfriend's mom to iron the bottoms of the scrubs so they wouldn't drag in the snow.
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    Koi tops are nicely cut for small folks. I used to buy mine all the time in scrub outlets for ten and fifteen bucks a pop, and I wore Cherokee scrub pants from Wal-Mart. (I'm military now and have to wear their boring scrubs....I miss scrub shopping, it's very addictive!)

    I bought pants by Urbane as well - they have no seams except for the one down the center of the leg and are actually very easy to alter; they also come in short sizes. I LOOOVVED my Urbane pants - they were so comfy!
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    TopSpot4U makes custom made scrubs, in any print or solid color. They can take apart an old pair of scrubs that fit you good and make a pattern from them.
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    Most brands consider nurses who are under 5'4'' to be petite. That said, you'll probably do well with the petites pieces. If I'm not mistaken all the major brands carry petite sizes. Good luck!

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