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BlueDawnRN has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Progressive Care.

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  1. BlueDawnRN

    RNs Don't Help CNAs

    I've seen lazy nurses and lazy CNAs. I've worked in other professions before nursing and there were lazy people there, too. I love our aides and do as much as possible to help them. I respect them a lot and they respect me. We help each other out. That being said, CNAs don't necessarily see how much more there is to nursing than direct care. We also have to coordinate care and chart promptly. You can see how hard the CNA is working, but you can't see the nurse thinking. Nobody should be goofing off or internet shopping at work. We have to work together.
  2. BlueDawnRN

    Weird Thoughts While Pumping at Work

    It's so hard to find the time to pump, and the support of your coworkers will make or break your ability to breastfeed. When I first returned to work they'd only cover me for one pumping session in a 12 hour shift. It was brutal. I'd often dip into the bathroom with a hand pump just to relieve the engorgement. None of them breastfed so they didn't understand, and I'm not a very assertive person which didn't help. On the floor I'm on now, I take two pumping breaks in 12 hours. Luckily I work nights and the baby is mostly night weaned. Any more than that, and it would be very difficult to get any work done. I'm also very afraid of bringing something home in the milk! I wash my hands well but my scrubs are probably dirty and I don't want my clothes touching the pump parts. Looking at baby pictures and videos while pumping definitely helps! I love my Medela cooler pack so I don't have to put anything in the staff fridge. Almost 11 months and still going!
  3. BlueDawnRN

    Can I Get A Priest? Running Out Of Time!

    Beautiful story. Things happened as they were meant to. Thank you for helping this man to have a more peaceful death and for helping the family to be at peace with his death.
  4. Same here. I was so set on breastfeeding but much like OP we had to supplement due to weight loss. Weighted feeds with the lactation consultant showed she was only getting 0.5 ounce per feed. I ended up with PND due to my incredible sense of failure at not being able to exclusively breastfeed. We put way too much pressure on women to exclusively breastfeed. Fed is best.
  5. BlueDawnRN

    Night shift schedule?

    I eat when I come in from work because I'm hungry. Also eat right before work because I don't know when I'll eat again. And snack periodically at work. I try to eat clean and eat whole foods whenever possible. So it doesn't matter when I have what meal, as long as I eat.
  6. BlueDawnRN

    Oncology or Med/tele?

    Based on your last two responses it sounds like the PCU might be more in line with your career goals unless the commute is an issue.
  7. BlueDawnRN

    Oncology or Med/tele?

    Based on your last two responses it sounds like the PCU might be more in line with your career goals unless the commute is an issue.
  8. BlueDawnRN

    Oncology or Med/tele?

    Congrats on the two job offers! That is awesome! I think the reason you have so many views and no responses until now is that it's hard to tell from your post what your career goals are. If you're really interested in oncology, even pediatric oncology, then of course it would make sense to take the oncology job. If you want to move into critical care one day then the tele job would give you a better foundation. Just because movement within the organization wasn't discussed doesn't mean it's not possible. There's also more to consider like the driving distance, which could be a big deal for some people but not others. Personally I wouldn't want to drive more than 30 mins to work but some of my co-workers drive an hour and don't mind. You also know the feeling you got from the different managers and the different hospitals. This is somewhere you will be spending 40+ hours a week so it might be good to go with your gut. I find it helpful to make a pros and cons list for each of the two options. Makes it easier to see which way your heart is leaning. Maybe have a family member or friend takes a look at your lists because sometimes it's easier for someone else to see it. Best of luck!
  9. BlueDawnRN

    Is nursing school as bad as they say?

    Time management, good study habits, and support from your loved ones are what you will need. I did well in school while working part time, helping to manage a household, maintaining a healthy marriage and working out most days. I didn't see friends much, didn't read for pleasure and pushed hobbies aside for a bit but it was all doable. It was difficult but fun and I made friends that I will have for life.
  10. BlueDawnRN

    The Enemy... The Nurse Manager

    I just wanted to let you know that I really respect my manager even though it seems the majority of my co-workers do not, and that I'm sure there are employees on your floor that respect you as well. I stay out of the gossip and basically keep my mouth shut, smile and nod. Your job is incredibly hard. I would never want to do it. It's a never ending 24 hour job and you have to somehow advocate for your employees while also bowing to the administration. You have to deal with everything from staffing to policies to difficult families and still keep a smile on your face. I just wanted to say thank you and assure you that not everyone hates you.
  11. When I first became an RN I told my mom that I might want to go for my NP in the future. I told her the school that I was getting my BSN through had a good transition program if I ever decided I wanted to do it, and that it interested me. My plans quickly changed. Apparently she had told everybody because I still find myself explaining at family gatherings to aunts, uncles, etc. that I'm not in school to be a NP and don't plan to be! She still asks me about it to this day!
  12. BlueDawnRN

    Took NCLEX 9 times, passed 10th time 265 questions!

    Exactly. The test determines how well you can take a standardized test and that's about it. 90% of what I know I learned on the job. Congratulations!!
  13. BlueDawnRN

    Getting a second degree BSN

    It is possible. People have done it. One of my nursing colleagues worked full time and raised 3 kids as a single mom while in nursing school, and one of my nursing instructors worked full time while in school too. For them it was a financial need that drove them. Nursing job = being able to put food on the table, so they had no other choice. It will be hard but it can be done. You'll have to sacrifice time with family and friends, workouts and other hobbies. You'll have to be creative. I used to record lectures or record myself reading my notes, and listen to it to and from work or while exercising, and I had med cards taped to the kitchen wall to study while I prepared meals. I only worked part time though, no kids at the time, and it was still stressful and basically took over my life. These evening/weekend classes, are they pre-requisites? If so you'll have to figure out what you'll do for actual nursing school. Most classes are during the day. There will be long clinicals too. Maybe look into what your schedule would be like and how you'll have to fit in work. You sound really hard working and driven. It's great that you want to help others. Nursing is good for helping others but know you won't always feel like you're doing so. For example, I easily spend half my shift charting so the hospital can be reimbursed, and there are always difficult patients and families. But overall I'm very proud to be a nurse and am glad I chose this profession (also my second profession). Best of luck to you!
  14. BlueDawnRN

    Jury duty and new grad program

    Something similar happened to me. Got jury duty while I was in nursing school and I requested hardship, and sent a copy of my student ID, class schedule and work ID. You could send a copy of your work ID and copy of acceptance letter into the new grad program. Hopefully they accept your postponement. I doubt you'll have a problem.
  15. BlueDawnRN

    New grads in float positions

    That's great. I was just stating the requirements for float nurses at my hospital but I see it's not the same everywhere. It looks like it's a position for new grads and as long as they have good training I'm sure it's fine.
  16. BlueDawnRN

    New grads in float positions

    I was the one who made the first post about float nurses at my hospital needing critical care experience. If the position is for new grads then yes go for it! They probably won't be floating you to the ICU. Just make sure they have adequate training for you. Was just saying the requirements for float at my hospital but I see it's not the same everywhere.