How to properly wash & disinfect scrubs??! - page 2

So I have come into contact with many sick patients lately. Contact & droplet precautions, and just coming into too many bodily fluids for my liking when I am not gowned. How can I properly... Read More

  1. by   CaICURN
    Do your clothes, and thereby you, smell like pine-sol all day?
  2. by   SirNurseAlot
    This was the best resource I could find and is backed up by evidence:
  3. by   u-scrubs
    must be by al scrubs on U-Scrubs. All productus are easily clean
  4. by   hppygr8ful
    I wear black scrubs at my job so bleach is not an option. I use a color safe antimicrobial laundry soap and hot water and I don't have any issues.

  5. by   outriton
    I immediately put everything I wore to work in a separate hamper with a cloth liner bag when I get home. When I'm out of scrubs, I wash all the items and the hamper's cloth liner on the sanitize cycle for both my washer and dryer with normal laundry detergent - usually whatever's cheapest at Costco. I haven't noticed my family members picking up infections or infections being spread to different patient rooms as my patient assignment changes, but it sounds like adding Pine-sol to the mix can't hurt.

    Also, unlike a previous commenter, I'm not surprised healthcare professionals are unsure how to clean their uniforms at home! No nursing professor ever told me to use Pine-sol on my clothes. It's not something we're taught like how proper hand washing and PPE are reviewed.