Help needed for trim 6'6" male

  1. Have any tall males, over 6'5", had any luck with any off-the rack scrubs? Or maybe found somewhere to buy custom scrubs that are quality? I found Aviator scrubs, but their website seems to only have scrubs for tall males who are also quite obese, judging by the width measurements. Thanks.
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  3. by   MunoRN
    I'm 6'3" and have tried all of the supposed "men's" scrubs and have not found any tops that come close to fitting. Some pants in XL are long enough (Landau, Dickies, etc).

    But for tops my only option is Aviator Scrubs with a custom length. You can just about any length to a top, I usually add 3 inches. Even you're trim you might consider an XL top and adding length as the shoulders in the L can be a little tight. I then taper the hem them from the armpits to the waist.
  4. by   Twinmom06
    there is an online vendor called Ted's Medical Threads that custom makes scrubs also...they are very soft and durable - I got 2 pair of pants and they made it through 18 months of clinical
  5. by   VICEDRN
    My 6'6 tall husband wears the KOI xtra large tall scrubs and they are more than adequate. He has also worn dickies and cherokee scrubs as well. He orders them from allheart online
  6. by   ArmyMedicRN
    Vicedrn I noticed that the KOI tall pants only had a 34" inseam, you say your husband fit into that? Considering my inseam is 37" I don't see how that could work for anyone as tall as me... But then again, I've been told I am all legs. I'm leaning more towards just calling up Aviator and telling them my size so they can make me up some because their scrubs look amazing and look ultra durable with the double or triple stitching. Thanks for the help
  7. by   VICEDRN
    Mister has a 36 inch inseam and has been fairly described as all legs. The koi pants do not look even remotely high water on him. I think this is because the trendiness of the pant means the leg is actually longer than promised. After three years we also found that they were the only scrubs still holding up. Everything else had long since been thrown out.

    Before you special order, why not order a pair and try them on? You can return them for free to all heart if they don't work. Mister buys almost everything through trial and error.
  8. by   VICEDRN
    Update:mister added two pairs of dickies tall XML scrubs. Plenty of leg there too
  9. by   ArmyMedicRN
    Vicedrn, how big is your husband's waist? I'm looking at a 32"-33" waist.
  10. by   VICEDRN
    Hubby has corrected me. He has a 37.5 inch inseam and a 34 waist.
  11. by   green34
    I'd contact the Aviator Scrubs and see if they can help you with the waist issue.
  12. by   chare
    Quote from green34
    I'd contact the Aviator Scrubs and see if they can help you with the waist issue.
    I agree with this. You can order custom fit scrubs from Aviator, although I am unsure how much they will allow. As their custom scrubs are not returnable, they recommend ordering a standard set and using that as a guide to determine what exactly you need.
  13. by   theantichick
    I'm not super tall, and definitely not slim, but I can vouch for the amazing customer service at Aviator Scrubs. They have options to add length to any of the scrubs, up to 9" off the standard inseam. And if that's not enough, they'll work with you. I got my first pair of Aviators in RN school after having Cherokee and Dickies fall apart on me - and only bought some off the rack when I got my first job and needed something to get me through until my Aviator order could be filled. The quality is in my opinion unmatched, and so is their customer service.
  14. by   green34
    Oh also you can add length to the scrubs for 8 dollars. Meaning let's say a small fits you but you need to add length to the inseam, you pick however many inches you need to add. So it would be 8 dollars to add 2 inches or or 9 inches. You can even add a special length if it's not listed. I have to hack off some of my scrub length.

    A lot of the colors aren't in stock though. I need teal and black for my job so I had to special order the teal and I bought the instock black pair.

    If you do need certain colors, I would consider asking for color swatches from them. If I get hired at competitor's health system, then I may need to figure out which blue (royal or navy) they would want me to wear.