Help a guy coordinate his scrubs

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    I don't have any sense of what color goes with what. I just bought bunch of scrubs online all solid colors. I hate the idea of wearing same color top to bottom so I just picked darker colors I liked randomly and what was on sale.

    I got Hunter, Steel Grey, Pewter, Chocolate, Eggplant, and Black pants with Olive, Pewter, Blue, Green, and Black tops for now... Would I look siliy wearing Eggplant pants with Olive top or black top with something else on bottom? I don't think twice about these color combinations if I'm wearing my street clothes, but when I think of times i spent in hospitals during clinicals, I never saw different color coordinations. Either they wear same color top and bottom or girls wearing printed top with some solid color pants.

    Am I OK wearing them mixed or should I suck it up and buy a matching top and bottom?

    If they had plaid pattern pants, I will be all over it.

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    My opinion is to wear matching top and bottom. It's one thing to wear a patterned top with solid pants of a matching color. But, a solid scrub top in one color and pants another color...nobody really does this. But, wear whatever you like. As long as it's neat and clean, your manager won't care.
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    I worked with a guy who always wore dark pants and light top--scrubs.. This is what I remember--
    I didn't give the mix and match a second thought
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    Most of the men I've worked with have worn the same color top and bottom. If the facility allows it, they'd sometimes wear a company t-shirt or polo shirt. Also, the solid black top will look good with any of the bottoms.
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    I like the mixed colour look. Some good ones I would suggest:

    Navy/burgundy (or red)

    Black pants with any colour top.
    Tan pants with any colour top.

    Colours like black, grey or brown/tan tend to go well with most other colours.

    Avoid red/green (except at Christmas)

    Edited to add: many of the men I work with like to mix and match their colors, so I don't think it's unusual. Some of the gals who wear solids do this too.
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    I tend to agree with the idea that the same color top & scrubs would be best...

    It does seem like women get to have all the fun with the printed scrub tops and whatnot.

    I do think SaoirseRN has pretty much got you covered with good combos.

    I would say try on the eggplant & chocolate together too.
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    Mix and match, as I do. It's all good.
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    I love the mix and match look. To break it down for you:

    Black, brown, grey and navy are all neutrals and, technically will go with any other color. I am impressed with your purchase of eggplant. It's one of my favorite colors, but daring for a guy. I think the olive with the eggplant might be a poor match, but who knows? I think it would go best with black or one of the greys.

    I'm not out of school yet so I only get to wear scrubs to clinicals and on lab days, but I mix black pants with an eggplant top as well as a black top with bright coral pants. I don't like the prints, but love the different color tops and bottoms.
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    Well, don't be impressed with my choice of eggplant color. I wasn't... It looked a lot more darker on the website than it actually is. I imagined it to be like an eggplant, but when I got it, it was more like reddish purple Another reason why I got it was because it was on sale for $10. But I wore it the other day and got a compliment of how she liked purple and I was the only one in the facility with purple pants...
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    I just buy three colors, black, navy blue and grey. I usually wear black/grey or blue pants and a black top. My hospital is going to all navy blue scrubs for nurses so I don't have to really worry about it anymore.

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