For the men, a school/zombie apocalypse bag.

  1. Found this awesome backpack, what do you think? I refuse to get a rolling bag no matter how many books or gear I have to carry. I'm not military nor law but I just think this tactical backpack will help me avoid the "rolling-bag". What do you think? I think it looks cool and practical.

    It's the SOC Bugout bag.
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  3. by   Dauntless
    That's pretty cool. Cooler than any LL Bean Bag.
  4. by   ChaseZ
    I have a 5.11 tactical backpack. It is awesome just like all of their products. RUSH 24 Backpack | Tactical Backpacks | 5.11 Tactical
  5. by   PMFB-RN
    Would like to hear reviews from any of you who have actually used the bag.
  6. by   LearningByMistakes
    I will say that it is a well made bag, HOWEVER it is heavier then most! If that's not a problem for you, go for it!
  7. by   WoundedBird
    I have been using this exact bag for just under a year for finishing pre-reqs and absolutely LOVE it. There are numerous and large internal pockets, two if which zipper shut. I also like that it has a very durable interior coating that keeps water from seeping through the nylon and onto your books or laptop. If there are any specific questions you have just let me know.

For the men, a school/zombie apocalypse bag.