Finding the right stethoscope?

  1. Hey all,

    Wasn't really sure where to put this topic, so this seemed like the best section, so here's my question.

    I'm starting nursing school in 10 days (yikes!) and a stethoscope is required (duh.) Here's my dilemma. My dream is to be neonatal nurse practitioner, therefore I would need a neonate diaphragm for my stethoscope. Is there a stethoscope where there are interchangeable diaphragms? Because I'm going to need the adult diaphragm for school/clinicals but would only like to purchase one stethoscope if it's possible. If I'm totally just dreaming this up, please tell me which brands are the best! Thanks guys!
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    There should be plenty of threads discussing stethoscopes here
  4. by   NurseShell, RN
    An ultrascope! They are amazing! You can interchange from standard, pediatric, and neonate and the sound quality is amazing.
  5. by   softballsmarty
    Oh awesome! I'm so glad they actually exist! Is there a website that I could order from?
  6. by   Djsage13
    I have the litman cardiology III and it has an adult side and just turn the stethoscope over and it has a pediatric side and the sounds are amazingly clear.
  7. by   hiddencatRN
    I have a maxiscope, which is the cheaper version of the ultra scope. I love it: really great sound quality and even without the painted head I get lots of compliments on it. I bought it to try out before getting an ultra scope but honestly, I like it so much I haven't felt the need to buy another scope.
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    I have the welch allen harvey elite cardiology stethoscope which is a little cheaper then the littman, has great sound qaulity, and tons of interchangable pieces, I also have a sprague double tube which is ok but its quite heavy, I also have the sprague lite dx which is like the double tube but it only has one tube and is alot lighter not to mention its my favorite and its cheap, and I also have the sprague cardiology which is like the double tube but a cardiology style not to mention its quite interchangable, has alot of different diaphrams, and is practically the cheapest cardiology stethoscope you can get, I like all the spragues they are cheap but very reliable and good, except for how heavy the double tube is, its pretty heavy and I don't know what the designer was thinking because it weighs enough to give you a good neck sprain after wearing the thing around your neck for 12 hours, enough to make you want some flexaril and ultram lol. Now the I have heard the double tube is better prehospital in the ambulance and chopper as it cuts out alot of outside noise.
  10. by   Luckyyou
    You might not want to worry about having one you can switch heads on. All of the kids in our NICU have their own stethoscopes for infection control purposes and we are not allowed to use our own. In nursing school and when I worked with adults, I used a littmann lightweight and loved it. Reasonably priced, as well. The earpieces seal nicely which I think is what really makes or breaks a stethoscope.