Female nurse uniform

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    so i was wondering if there was a generic name for the type of uniform that the woman is wearing in this picture? http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/e.../pdv233019.jpg

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    Well ,to me it looks like a tunic and trousers or a dress,difficult to say.
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    Kinda looks like a scrub dress.....?
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    Well I know I wouldnt wear it, a belt has not seen my waist since 3 kids ago!!!
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    It looks like the kind of uniform we wear in the UK. We tend to just call it a uniform either dress or tunic.

    Is there a particular reason that you are asking?
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    Quote from racing-mom4
    Well I know I wouldnt wear it, a belt has not seen my waist since 3 kids ago!!!

    Yeah, I was thinking it was kinda cute.....if you had a 24 inch waist.
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    I think she looks like a housekeeper at the Hilton!
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    It's a very cute nursing dress, but I don't know how pratical it would be to wear in a hospital or health care setting. With all the bodily fluids, MRSA, etc that we're exposed to in the nursing field, I'd want to wear pants to protect myself. Maybe cute for a doctors office?? good luck
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    alright cool, thanks all. well im lookin to buy one, which also brings up another issue... does anyone kno off the top of their head where the best place to purchase uniforms such as this would be?
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    Moved to nursing scrubs and uniform

    If you are looking for this type of uniform then I would suggest and internet search. There are companies in the UK that sell them but I am not sure of US companies that supply them.

    Try a search for work wear or uniform supplies.

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