"cutesy" printed scrubs - staff response? - page 3

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Hello everyone! When I first started out working in the hospital, I was a nursing tech in pre-op/post-op for same day surgery and then switched to pedi inpt/ED. There were no limits to the dress code, so I had some fun with it.... Read More

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    I wear whatever the machine in the OR gives me, some days they are horribly wrinkled and it drives me crazy!!
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    I have contacted two different scrub shops in my town to ask them to carry "grown up" scrubs. No response.
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    I was in a SNF most of 2012 with my broken femur. My favorite CNA on the PM shift used to wear a Garfield scrub top often, knowing it would make me smile. I was pretty down in the dumps with my medical situation, so it was great to have a caregiver who cared enough to consider my feelings. >^..^<
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