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Hello everyone! When I first started out working in the hospital, I was a nursing tech in pre-op/post-op for same day surgery and then switched to pedi inpt/ED. There were no limits to the dress code, so I had some fun with it.... Read More

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    I am a LTC rehab nurse manager. I personally wear solid colors, mostly whites, grey, and black pants with a solid top. I am not super old, but not twenty anymore either. I just don't feel like I'd be taken seriously in cartoons. I have two printed Koi brand tops that I fell in love with. I may get some more of those, but never, ever anything with a character. I am also fond of white coats. I feel like the staff and patients should be able to easily identify me as the leader. I wear my pins on my lapels as well. I worked hard for those shiny bits and I feel good about wearing them. I am the only nurse at my facility that does, though. The other managers and the ADON and DON wear business casual (sometimes too casual). I choose scrubs because I know I may deliver care on my floor, and it makes me feel like part of my team, not separate.

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    Cutesy and childish don't have to be the same thing. Dora the Explorer is childish, there's no way around it, but floral prints, butterflies, and other nature motifs can be fun in a variety of settings.
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    When I was a civilian RN, I wore what I liked. Know what patients remembered? I had several - and family members - who commented that they recognized me because I ironed my scrubs! My pants always had hard creases and my tops had crisp creased sleeves. Took about five minutes before heading out the door to work and made all the difference in the world.

    So my guess is my favorite Kermits with their creased sleeves were professional enough. I saw RNs in solids that look like they'd just rolled out of bed, hair all down and hanging off their shoulders...I wore Classic Pooh starched with my hair pulled up and I'm assuming I looked very squared away and like a pro.

    There's more to projecting a professional appearance than what you're wearing. Wear it right and the pattern will become irrelevant.
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    I have become a certified scrub a holic LOL! My first job was in the community, I wore street clothes and we were expected to dress very casually so that when we were out with the clients, people would not look at us and think, "Oh, there's his worker". When I started my job at an inpt psych hospital I got a few pairs of dark colored, soild tops and pants. They were pretty cheap too, didn't look so great after a few washes. Then I went to a store in town that sells scrubs and was having a sale. I was in hog heaven! Now I have a bunch. No cartoon characters though. Mostly floral or geometric prints that aren't too busy but I likes me some bright colors. I have the Koi Lindsay pants in Flamingo and Limeade LOL. I have a Koi top I LOVE that has butterflies on it. I think that is the most "cutesy" top I have.
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    I used to work in a SNF and I'd wear Koi Giraffe printed scrubs, our residents would call me "little giraffe" since I'm only 5 feet tall.
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    I work in a snf and the nurses here wear all kinds of stuff. The director of nurses wears a lab coat and buisness clothing and her assistant wears all white. Everyone else though wears all kinds of crazy stuff. During the week more nurses wear solids because there is more administration and visitors here but on the weekends is when i see a lot of colorful scrubs. Today I saw a rainbow butterfly top it was pretty cool.
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    More and more places have solid color dress codes. I have NO problem with colored/patterned scrubs. In fact many patients enjoy them, and they can be an ice breaker or provide some distraction. I have many, especially holiday ones.
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    Quote from calivianya
    ... I now wear them everywhere... and they last forever...
    Mine get so beat up if I wear 'em out... so I never do.
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    I love them. I don't wear them but I love printed scrubs. I know my friend loves being able to wear the breast cancer awareness scrubs in the office that does the mammograms. I am stuck to wearing teal or black depending on my job for the day. We can also wear white scrub tops, but most of the people do not. I bought two white tops though so I could continue wearing them as a nurse after I become licensed.
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    Quote from graceandkellyshop
    I used to work in a SNF and I'd wear Koi Giraffe printed scrubs, our residents would call me "little giraffe" since I'm only 5 feet tall.
    hahaha. I'm also only 5' tall. That's funny. I don't care for animal prints (Mom always told me street walkers were the only ones to wear animal prints and even though times have changed & they're totally fashionable again, I just can't do it).

    I also don't do characters, although, I feel a kinship with Tinkerbell and all of her spunk so I am tempted every time I see a cute Tinkerbell top. I have Koi cargo pants in almost every color and I prefer print tops that go with the season. Many styles make my dizzy because they're so busy so I look for prints that either have a lot of "dead space" or use larger prints. I, too, prefer them to be pressed. I have a cheerful, outgoing personality and I like cheerful, outgoing scrubs to go along with it.

    I take the test for my CNA cert soon and I sincerely hope I can wear these adorable scrubs.

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