Cheapest Online store to buy Littman Stethoscopes?

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    I just bought a Littmann Classic II from, it was the cheapest one I could find anywhere ($63-ish before shipping and such). Everywhere else I looked they were at least upper $70s if not $85 or more.
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    just got a littmann classic II for $40.00
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    Check out your local medical supply store. With stethoscopes, this is the one rare exception to the fact things are usually cheaper online- I got my Classic II SE for about $45 new locally.
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    Thanks to this website, I was able to get a coupon code and saved $7.35 off my Littmann. I ordered my engraved stethoscope late Monday night from Medisave and received it this afternoon (Friday). The engraving was free and the stethoscope came with extra earpieces and a free student voucher for a CD from 3M that has heart and lung sounds on it. I'm a happy camper! :P
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    Was able to find a nice littmann for 25.60 (with coupons of course)
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    Hey all. Anyone know of any discount codes for buying a Littmann? I have been told about a store called Littmann Stethoscopes including Cardiology III, Classic II SE & Electronic - I'd like to know if anyone knows of any current discount codes so I can place an order. Someone told me you can sometimes get codes for this site and the engraving is free and they also do different symbols like hearts etc and send out real quick. If anyone has any info please post and let me know. Robyn
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    That's a good site too
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    Hey all - interesting reading. I mentioned in my earlier post and someone sent me this after lots of searching:

    I thought I would share it with you. I'm gonna get mine today and have the musical notes symbol engraved on mine LOL! Everyone calls me the singing nurse!

    Robyn xxx

    Oh - I saved 6% !!!!!

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