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I'm about to start my first Rn job, 12 hr shifts. I'm trying to be prepare and been doing a lot of research about best shoes. What do you guys recommend?... Read More

  1. by   LaughingRN
    Reebok Realflex

    Probably the most comfortable shoe I've ever bought. Literally.

    Comes in a billion colors to so you can personalize with style

    I have never owned Danskos, so I can't attest to their comfort. I am tall, and can't wear heels due to my clumsiness, All the Dansko's I've seen would basically result in me begging for a turned ankle
  2. by   *LadyJane*
    I have both Danskos and Sanitas. Love them both, the dansko is wider in the same size. Well worth the money, and when they say 12 hour shift, always guess that as you learn the job and speed up working as a nurse, you can figure you may spend another amount of time charting. I've done an 18 hour day in my clogs and my feet only started feeling tired near the far end of that shift.

    Oh, and support hose help, too.

  3. by   tigerlogic
    As I a CNA (starting nursing school in the fall) I like these clogs: ZONE Clog Feather Light - 7 Colors - Anywear - MyBuy Nursing Scrubs & Stethoscopes

    I like that they are light and have good padding. They are quite sticky on the floor and I find I have much more power to lift/move people than in tennis shoes. I love that they don't get soaked when I'm giving showers and I can wipe off any nasty stuff that falls on them. But, they are not good if you have sweaty feet as they don't breath very well.

    I agree with the above posters that more than one pair of shoes is helpful for your feet, legs and back.
  4. by   nerdtonurse?
    My suggestion is that you go get your feet professionally sized at one of the specialty shoe stores (the kind where you stand on a machine to measure your arch and they tell you if you pronate or supinate after they watch you run on the sidewalk). Based off what the analysis was, I shelled out some bucks for Brooks and custom shoe inserts, and my feet don't hurt at the end of a shift anymore.
  5. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from sauconyrunner
    I am a fan of having a few different pairs of shoes for work. Mostly I wore my used running shoes though and they worked out fine.
    About a hundred years ago I was a runner, and Saucony was my brand

    And then you have stacks of "old" running shoes, because at six months they were toast for running BUT they were perfectly good sneaks, so you didn't toss.....eventually, I tossed
  6. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    As far as tennis shoes go the best ones I have found are the new Reebock zig techs they are awesome, they conform to your feet, are light and very comfortable, and are easy to break in, the only draw back is the price tag there about $110.00 bucks.As far as clogs go danskos are my favorites, the only draw backs to them are the high soles, and the high price tags. Crocs are ok, if you can keep your feet in them especially if you are running during an emergency as this is my problem with them.But also as eberynody has said you need to be proffesionally sized, and everyones feet are different, and it is a good idea to always take two pair for work.
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  7. by   pat kolakowski
    I used to wear Dansko but when they started hurting my feet I switched to Alegria's . They are awesome; I work twelve hour shifts and my feet never hurt.
  8. by   nurse debie
    I have tried Danscos. Are the insoles suppose to feel hard?. Im asking because I heard that the Danscos are not like they used to be