B/P Cuff and Stethoscope reccomendations?

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    Need a B/P cuff for clinicals (manual). Can anyone recommend a decent one? Nothing crazy expensive. Also, our school gave us a stethoscope but the thing is AWFUL. Can anyone recommend a decent one maybe in the $30 rage. The one they gave us was $7 and well...it sounds like a $7 stethosope lol. I'm just looking for something to get me through until after I'm done with nursing school and can invest in a really good one.


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    Regarding inexpensive stethoscopes, a Littmann Lightweight SE can be found for around $40-45, I recall. A website for MDs reviewed about a dozen stethoscopes, included several inexpensive ones. Surprisingly, a $19 Sprague was highly rated. Here is the review in full: http://www.forusdocs.com/reviews/Aco...ope_Review.htm

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    I had that Sprague from school, and it is AWFUL. The earpieces gave everyone blisters. Stick to the Littman Select
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    My school gave us Littmann Lightweight II SE ones I haven't used it yet... but I got myself a nice light blue Littmann (forget which kind specifically), with my name engraved on it for just about $104 with shipping. That's definitely a splurge though! I wanted to have something real nice. It is wonderful though.
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    Try these websites. Allheart.com and medisave.net. You may have to pay extra depending on what you want to get.
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    Thanks guys!
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    Also pick a color that suits you the best. Note that if you get a black or navy blue stethoscope it may get mixed up
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    I have a Littman Light from many years ago. It really is a lightweight steth, but it's not light on performance. I've had a couple of Littmans over the years. My current favorite is a Cardiology III. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but it's high on performance. Sprague stethoscopes are also quite good. The only issue I have with them is that some slight care must be taken to keep the tubes from rubbing together. That rubbing causes noise. Outside of that, it's hard to beat them for the cost.
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    I have a Littmann II SE Lightweight, personally. WIA paid for mine and I got it for $55 in a scrub shop. I have since seen them cheaper online, but what the hey, I didn't pay for it. My mom is an RT and took my stethescope to work one day by mistake. Used it all day and loved it every bit as much as her Littmann Master Cardiologist that she's had for 15 years. I have also let a select few of my coworkers (*ahem*) use my stethescope to take BPs at work. Everyone that has used it (a whole 3 of them, two nurses and a CNA) fell in love with it. The two nurses have since purchased their own Littmann stethescopes, never knowing a difference between a $7 stethescope and a $125 stethescope could be so dramatic. I don't see why anyone makes a stethescope to a lesser quality than that of a Littmann, considering you can get into an entry level Littmann for not much more (taking into account quality) than a run-of-the-mill half-way decent stethescope.


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