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  1. 0 I am a senior nursing student, graduating next May, and I'm not sure about one thing in nursing... What shoes do you all wear and love? Especially for low arches. My Dansko's are not really as comfortable as I had hoped and are also over mileage. I have a low arch and slightly wide feet and I think that's why Dansko's didn't so much work for me, I ended up with calf and knee pain at the end of 8 hrs let alone 12. I'm also looking for good places to try on the shoes if possible before buying online. I live in northeast Kansas and am willing to drive almost anywhere in the Kansas City KS or MO area. For example, I've heard great things about Alegria shoes but they have such an odd look I want to try them on before I spend that much. Any suggestions or ideas welcome! Thanks!
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    I have wide feet as well, and I absolutely love my New Balance sneakers! They come in lots of difference widths.
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    I went through every possible shoe I could find, my husband said I spent over 1200$ in idk if that's true, but I believe it. The most comfortable awesome amazing clouds of delight for my feet are Brooks. I am currently wearing glycerin 10's. They run about $140 but are worth every penny. Even after 4, 12 hour shifts in a row I feel tired, yes, but I don't come home limping anymore.
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    Go to a specialty running store (not Dick's, Foot Locker, etc) such as Road Runner Sports, Fleet Feet Sports or a locally owned independent store. They watch how you walk and find the right type of support you need, motion control, neutral, or stabilizing and not just the cutest; it'll be ok, your feet will thank you. Every one I've been to have a 30-day wear guarantee, if they aren't the right shoe for you, they can be returned. Since I did that, my feet, legs, knees NEVER hurt at the end of the day. Brooks & Mizuno are my personal favorite.
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    My aunt has been a nurse for 30 years. One day, she shifted her weight just slightly wrong in her Dansko's and heard a sickening crack. Broke her foot and that was the end of her hospital career. She now has an office job. Something to think about.
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    Love my New Balance 608. They are not the fashion statement that Danko's, Allegrias, and some of the other nursing shoes, but my feet don't kill me at the end of a 12 hour shift.

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