Any suggestions for a "work" watch?

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    I'm in the market for a new watch. Thanks for suggestions.

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    Are you working in bedside nursing? The cheapest watch you can find that is sturdy and waterproof, and can be cleaned with bleach/disinfectants if necessary. Something you wouldn't mind having ruined.
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    This is what I use. I prefer digital since in a code, I want exact minutes at the least.

    It also does well with water and alcohol hand cleaners. Very sturdy, lasts for years.
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    Thanks for suggestions. I'm a nursing student. I start clinicals in Fall.
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    Quote from GodIs082010
    I'm a nursing student. I start clinicals in Fall.
    Then, definitely, cheapest sturdy, waterproof watch you can find, one you wouldn't mind getting broken/destroyed. Check your school's dress code policies -- most schools require a watch with a sweep second hand.
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    I've been wondering the same things since I start clinicals in a couple of weeks. All they said was a watch with seconds, that is waterproof, and we have to take it off every time we wash our hands (?). Non-nursing, I've had great luck with the 10 dollar wal-mart or target digital watches, kind of like the link above. Each one has lasted for at least a year of daily wear during the evening, when I sleep, go swimming, running, to the lake, etc.
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    Yes anything that is cheap and digital is a great way to go. Schools will tell you that a watch with a second hand is the way to go, but doing VS or anything else can be done with a digital watch. I have always bought cheap timex digital watches. Anything cheap and plastic will help out. I have tried metal bands, but they rust; fabric bands, but those smell and are hard to clean; and leather, just forget that...they are a bare to clean, and also get to smelling. Plastic is great as it is cheap and can just be tossed when really dirty, or the paint starts coming off.
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    I have a BabyG. I LOVE it! It's really easy to clean.
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    i have a cheapie timex digital i think it cost me like 15 bucks online at amazon
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    I'm a guy with some fat wrists. I got a G-shock, and I love it. It's easy to clean, easy to read, and it has a lunar chart so I can call out when it's full moon! G-shock has a great reputation for quality and great reviews.

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