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look at your resume!!! i've been reviewing resumes for open positions in my department and can't believe the resumes i've received: misspelling, words crossed off, no cover letter, including personal information about family... Read More

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    This thread was really, really helpful. Now time for me to buckle down and hash out this resume.

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    This is all so helpful! Thanks
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    I'm really enjoying this post!
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    Quote from Doug Craig
    Many resumes that I see are finctional in format. They state the job and job resonsibilities but do not include accomplishments. Always include your achievements in the workplace. Include the metrics to support them. Numbers, percentages, timing reductions, etc. are very important.

    Format is ver important. You would not believe the number of executive resumes I receive that are poorly structured and lack the detail to show what a person has achieved. Below are a few examples of what I am referring to.

    o Restructured Preoperative Services to enhance accountability, productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction
    o Developed marketing strategies that enhance volumes, staff retention, and increased surgeonís
    referral sources.
    o Reduced inventory by $800,000.00
    o Developed and implemented a Case Cart system
    o Increased patient readiness 12 hours prior to procedure from 20% to 80% (goal 100%)
    o Increased first case on time start from 22% to 85%
    o Completed Phase II of the Perioperative electronic clinical documentations
    o Implemented a Perpetual Inventory system which achieved a cost savings of $240,000 in the OR
    o Restructured Anesthesiology to increase revenue by $3 Million per annum
    o Developed and implemented processes to increase procedures by 47% above FY07 procedures
    o Decreased room turnover from 1 hour to 30 minutes to our goal 20 minutes
    o Developed and implemented Service Line Team Leaders, which has increased the depth of the organization
    o Developed and implemented a Collaborative Practice committee with Surgeons and nursing

    Take the time and put forth the effort to create a resume that will yield results.
    This is great advice for nurses that have experience behind their belt but what about a graduate nurse whose only experience occurred in the clinical setting?
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    Thanks for the info

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