Online app. process and extraction from uploaded resume

  1. OK- so when you upload a resume and the online application "extracts" key information, what exactly are they looking for? Does this mean I should list out the skills I am competent in so the screening tool will see that I am skilled/matched for the job? I don't do this on my resume, but I do this instead in a box provided for "skills" on the online application itself.

    Any advice on what this extractor tool is looking for? IE I'm applying for a new area (ED) so does it help I have a job descriptn that includes "trauma" as the patient population?

    Wow, I'm confused now.
    Thanks everyone! All the best, KaLyn
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  3. by   AgentBeast
    Honestly it's best if at all possible to avoid applying online at all. Always better to apply in person if that is an option. Even if it is only just in the Human Resources office.
  4. by   ExPharmaGirl
    A lot of places do not let you apply in person anymore.

    As far as extraction goes, the program is populating fields of the application with information from your resume. It's usually just limited to your demographics, education, work history, etc...
    Usually you have to go through and correct this info anyway, as not all of the fields become populated. After that, either a copy of that resume will be attached with the application or it will appear in plain text in another section.

    If you want to tailor your resume to make the key word match hit it, look at the job description and use as many key words as you can find from it on your resume.
  5. by   Misskala
    I don't know any hospital that does in-person paper application.

    Thanks ExPharmaGirl, I didn't know it was just to populate fields. I usually type those areas in first, then copy & paste my cover letter and resume in the boxes provided. I guess I am going to be ALOT more thorough in the Job description/Responsibility boxes per each job, and fill those out with more catchy key words, like "Nurse Process," and list out all the skills I can think of.