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  1. 0 Ive been a nurse for about months Now with no Job, mind you i have 7 years as a cna. Do you think it would be in my best intrest to have a professional resume done? My aunt has been a nursr for 35 years and she said thats what i should do, just very tight for money right now
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    I don't think it is necessary. There are many useful links online to help you create a professional resume.
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    I also don't think it is necessary. There are many websites for setting up nursing resumes and cover letters. I googled and found many that I modeled mine after. Another idea I used, search the linked in social network. I found a lot of nurses on there that had courses/certificates/etc listed on their page that I would have never though of. If you need resume help, feel free to PM me
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    I would try other free resources first, such as going to the career center at the school you attended. They might be able to look over your resume and give you feedback on what you need work on. Also you could go to the public or school library for resume examples.

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