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I have BSN from a foreign country & I have license that says registered professional nurse,. How do you write titles? should it be Name, RN, BSN or Name, BSN, RN? or can you just write Name, RN ? Is there a difference if you... Read More

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    There isn't a standard because I have seen more people, on resumes, on hospital websites, on association websites, list RN, BSN. There are SUGGESTIONS but there is nothing standard or set in stone.

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    Also, what KelRN posted is what one person's opinion on what should be listed. And even she states that the only legal requirement that most states require is to list the certification that the state has authorized the person to use and that is the RN (unless you have an advanced certification. Again, until there is a standard that we must follow, people can, and will list their credentials as they wish.
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    Last post, I promise: I also find it somewhat ironic that almost (and I saw almost because while I've never seen it, I don't want to generalize) no one lists themselves as Name, ASN, RN but as Name, RN..until they get their BSN and then, bye-bye ASN. This of course doesn't apply to those who go straight to get their BSNs but it's just something I've noticed.
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    While not set in stone, it is an accepted standard for listing credentials on a nursing resume. Both the ANA & NAPNP agree on this.

    Write it anyway you'd like, and no one may notice, but you can never go wrong by following the accepted format.
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