Help wit resume and cover letter. critique please. - page 2

hi. i am a newly graduated rn-bsn and in need of figuring out how to make my resume look good so i can be hired for jobs and maybe a new grad residency program. i've sent it to various hospitals but not takers yet. i am not sure... Read More

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    OP- You made it through nursing school and you are on your way towards a new career! You are brave to ask for help (it's so scary to open yourself up to criticism, especially about something so important and personal as a resume and cover letter) so don't be discouraged by the blunt and honest criticism. You have already accomplished so much, and you are just starting out!

    Thank you for the post, I learned a lot from it. And thank you for the people that responded. This post has been very helpful to me, I am looking for my first nursing job too.

    good luck!

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