Critique my cover letter! (seriously, rip this baby apart) Critique my cover letter! (seriously, rip this baby apart) - pg.3 | allnurses

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Critique my cover letter! (seriously, rip this baby apart) - page 3

Here's my cover letter that I will be sending to a new grad program. Should I add in anything regarding experiences or use their vision statement or mission at all? It's a 200ish bed christian based... Read More

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    It would be really cute, and at the same time really uncute if your potential hiring manager has read this thread.

    But, . . .there is some awesome advice.
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    I'm not even in nursing school yet (waiting for my decision letter), but this thread has some awesome advice. I'll be bookmarking this one!
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    Well this is rather off subject and somewhat relevant, at the least it will make you say "What?".

    As a newly graduated LVN I decided to put a resume on Monster. Okay, no big deal there right? Wrong! My resume was written without the letter B. My keyboard was broken and rather than waiting to buy a new one, I eagerly posted a very creatively written resume. You might think this was a very bad thing to have done but I received quite a few responses to that resume. I even received a telephone interview from a recruiter who was intrigued and amused by it. Sometimes even a badly written resume can get a positive response. Just so you know, I would not do that again.