Cover letter for job interview

  1. Is it necessary to go for an interview with a cover letter since you have already been invited to be interviewed by the Manager
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  3. by   SurrenderDorothy
    I bring a copy of my resume on nice paper, a cover letter and a list of references typed up.
  4. by   UTVOL3
    I never know what to do about this either. Cover letter addressed to HR upon applying for the job? Since applications/resumes rarely go straight to a hiring manager anymore, I am unsure. I hate to have the resume/cover letter forwarded to a hiring manager with the wrong name on it.
  5. by   Texan45
    I'm not sure if it is proper or not... I included a folder with my cover letter, resume, reference list, official transcript, letters of recommendation, copies of my CPR/ ACLS cards, and a copy of the certificate of completion for a dysrythmia course I took. (Senior Nursing Student Applying for My First Job)

    It worked. I got offered jobs at each place I applied. My cover letter listed some of the experience I had with specific diagnoses working as an extern. This sparked a conversation about the approach towards caring for this type of patient and resulted in impressed looks between interviewers after my explanation of care.
  6. by   nursegirl75
    When I interviewed, the nurse manager actually read my cover letter. That was how my interview started and the rest is history. I like to say that my cover letter helped me land the best job!