Can I please have a manager or recruiter look at my resume?

  1. I took my state boards a month ago and passed (woohoo) now it's time for a job. I'm getting e-mails saying that they have already filled the position or looking at other applicants more quickly than I am sending them out.
    I'm seeing lots of people from my class getting jobs right away and getting their dream jobs. It's quite discouraging.
    I'm thinking maybe it's something with my resume. I'm not sure. So if anyone can please take a look at my resume and give me some advice that would be much appreciated. Thank you so much,

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    OBJECTIVE: Caring, enthusiastic individual seeking to obtain a registered nurse position that will provide an opportunity to strengthen my clinical skills and critical thinking in a hospital environment. To learn new technical nursing competencies to develop professionally as a registered nurse.


    • Associates in Applied Science, College
    • Licensed registered nurse, #
    • Basic Life Support
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
    • Hospice of the Valley, volunteer
    • Student Nurses Association, member
    • Certified Nursing Assistant, State of Arizona #


    • College - Associates in Applied Science of Nursing - Graduated, May, 2013
    • College - Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Anticipated start date October, 2013.


    • Long Term Care, South Mountain
    • Medical Surgical I and II, Banner Baywood Medical Center
    • Obstetrics, Banner Gateway Medical Center
    • Pediatrics, Maricopa Integrated Health System
    • Psychiatric, Valley Psychiatric Hospital
    • Critical Care, Banner Heart Hospital
    • Preceptorship, Banner Desert Hospital


    • Familiar with Cerner charting system
    • Medication administration (PO, IM, IVP, IVPB, SubQ, Peg tube, titrating)
    • Head to Toe Assessments
    • Planning and Implementing patient care
    • NG tube insertion, removal and suction
    • IV starts, care and discontinues
    • Written and oral communication
    • Prioritization
    • Critical thinking
    • Evaluating patient care
    • Foley catheter insertion and removal
    • Central venous catheter blood draws and care
    • Patient advocacy
    • Chest tube management and care
    • Administration of blood products

    2007- 2012 Front End Supervisor, MICHAEL'S ARTS AND CRAFTS

    • Excellent interpersonal skills, multitasking, providing customer service, taking on a heavy work load while being fast and efficient, strong work ethics and enthusiastic on teamwork, time management skills, prioritization on daily tasks, customer advocate, implementing goals for the day, assessing what needs to be done to meet goals, documenting sales goals for the day, contributing creative input for customers.

    2004- 2007 Customer Service, MAKUTUS ISLAND

    • Ensuring safety in our customers, providing excellent customer service, implementing safety for the children, assessing equipment, managing money, customer advocate, planning birthday parties, contributing to daily goals.

    2003-2004 Customer Service, ENSTIEN BAGLES

    • Handling and managing money, taking customers' orders, implementing the orders that have been taken, meeting the customer's needs, evaluating what needs to be stocked and restock items, cleaning the facility.
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  3. by   mclennan
    Dump the objective and replace with 3 bullet points highlighting your 3 strongest assets.

    Get rid of the "skills" part unless specifically asked. Managers and recruiters know what "skills" new grads have, and you can talk about it in the interview.

    Where's your "Volunteering" section? We won't even look at resumes without it. Doesn't even have to be medically related.
  4. by   Amandamc87
    I have my volunteering under my certifications and memberships. Should I make a separate section for volunteering then?
  5. by   MrChicagoRN
    Definitely dump or change your objective.

    As written, you are seeking an employer that will make you a better nurse. It's the ther way around. What can You do for Them (or for the patient)?
  6. by   michiganstudent
    You need to dump the objective. You need to sell yourself. What can you do for them? Are you good when you work as part of a team? Are you good at critical thinking? Are you a quick learner? Are you willing to go the extra mile for your patients to give them comfort?

    These are the qualities I look for in a nurse who is caring for MY loved ones. I know you listed them in your work experience, but the top of your resume is weak. They may have quit reading before they even got that far. It is okay to mention your strong points more than once.

    The skills section is probably unnecessary.
  7. by   green34
    The skills are kind of basic to all new grads.

    I would also drop the familiarity with the charting system unless you know that hospital uses that charting system. I know in my area, everyone uses a different style of charting.