Umet and InterAmericana Nursing School

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    I am going to apply to Universidad Metropolitana, and Inter Americana, for the Bi-lingual nursing programs there. If any one has any information about applying to either school, information about how to apply to the specific nursing programs at these schools, deadlines for applications and such, I Would greatly appreciate it. Any other information about other Bi-lingual nursing programs in Puerto Rico would be more than welcome as well. Currently I am in my last semester of Pre-requisites for UCCS and there nursing program.
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    Hi, I'm also interested in UMET. I have read that Umet a lot better than InterAmerican. I have contacted Rebecca from Umet and she answered to few of my questions. Not sure about the dates when to apply and deadlines, but I know that nursing in English is offered in the evening, starting at 5pm and it's a 4 year program for BSN. They don't have Associate program for nursing in English and GE classes are in Spanish. I wonder if they offer GE for the 1st year and nursing classes for 3 years. And I have no idea what those prerequisites are exactly. Unfortunately they don't have any info on their website and they are impossible to get hold of.
    You can try to contact Rebecca, she is from Minnesota and speaks English. Maybe you'll find out more about the program. Good luck and please write here if you find more info.

    Dra. Rebecca S. Frugé, Ph.D., RN
    Directora Programas de Enfermería
    ADN, BSN, BSN Bilingüe y MSN
    Escuela de Ciencias de la Salud – UMET Bayamón
    787-288-1100 ext. 8253 *
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    I just finished my BSN at Interamericana from the English program. If I'm to be honest here is the deal: if you want a fast (1 year ADN or 2 year BSN) degree you may wanna go to the Inter. But if you want to truly learn and practice hard, unless you are willing to do a lot of self teaching, go somewhere else. It is a very frustrating program with an administration that couldn't care less about their students, (except for the teachers). They hire people who are not prepared to do the job and you will have huge gaps unless you take the time to study on your own. They don't have any pre-requites and you may apply as late as you want probably until July. I don't know about UMET but I was disappointed with my education at Inter.
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    I am curious, did you start your BSN at UMET?

    I am contemplating starting it in August 2014.

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    How are the instructors at the interamericana university, are they supportive of the students? what is the clinical and lab class like? How about the housing and food expense like? Anyone? Please enlighten me if you have information. I will appreciate it. Thank you!