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    Hello..I'm hoping to move to Guam next year and work as a nurse. Can anyone tell me how it is over there? What is it like to work as a civilian at a military hospital? Any information would be helpful.

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    I would definitely suggest going over there first to see it before deciding to move.

    They have major flooding each year with much damage during the typhoon season, and major areas of the island get wiped out.
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    Thank you for the tip. Did you live over there?
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    No, but many of my students went there to take their NCLEX exam, either there or in Saipan, and they said it was quite poor, and they are from Thailand. Many problems with the infrastructure there.

    I would definitely suggest checking it out first before making the big move, unless you have a very specific reason that you have to go there.

    Good luck...............
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    I looked into going there. Many of my military friends had been there. Evidently power can go out for weeks at a time. Third worldish conditions. But you may not care about that. I just didn't want to make a 2 year committment when I wasn't sure if I could handle the conditions.
    Definately would make a visit first.
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    Hey silverangle! I was wondering if you did happen to move to Guam? If you did, could you give me a heads up about the working conditions there? As well, as housing, basic salary for entry level RN and which hospital or clinic offers the best work benefits and facilities for civilian nurses. And if any one else fits the bill then please do reply...It will be GREATLY appreciated, as I'm moving there soon because of my family. I've had very little information about this situation even from other sites and its very disheartening when people vaguely comment. It just shows their not locals! I'm really hoping someone out there could enlighten me in facts the real score...THANKS A LOT!
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    The above thread is almost four years old. So you may not see more from the posters above.

    Do you actually have a visa that will permit you to work there? Moving there does not give one automatic approval to work there.

    All you need to do is take the time to do a Google search and you will come up with much information about what is going on there now. It is not going to be anything like working in the mainland of the US if that is what you are thinking, as well as salaries are not going to be anything like they are here. Cost of living is much different there as well as if you want to work, then you are going to accept whatever they offer, there is no real competition when it comes to salaries there as well.

    And do you have experience and have you taken and passed the NCLEX exam? That is also going to make a difference for you as well.
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    Hello! Thanks a lot for the reply...I've googled this issue numerous times but unfortunately all I've encountered are comments that are quite old and grim. I've read news articles about the economy in Guam and although there may be some bad comments I don't think it's a one size fits all shoe. There are many factors that could make an area unfruitful. In my case I have to settle there for a while till my husband finishes his training. I need all the information I can get from a reliable source, because I plan to make the best of my stay in Guam. I guess it's the optimist in me that chooses to see a situation for its silver lining... Besides, I prefer not to believe all the hoopla unless its from a Guam local and an RN at that.

    To answer your question, I just graduated last 2006 and I have less than a year of working experience as an RN. I've passed my NCLEX and IELTS already and my visa is an immigrant one. Our lawyer has assured me that I will be able to work once I'm there. I know that life in Guam is very different from the main land. I have no qualms about it, although I want to prepare myself. If you could help me, I just need to talk to a working Guam RN! Please help..THANKS!
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    There are only a couple that post here that are working there and they describe things as I have done. No matter how silver you think that the lining is going to be there, it is not. They lose power quite frequently and internet access there is limited for most as well. And this is in both Saipan as well as Guam. More post here working in Saipan as it is much harder for most to get a visa to work in Guam.

    All you need to do is use Google and do a search, you will find many current articles about what things are like there.
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    So, Silverangel, did you ever move to Guam? Are you working at GMH?? Or have they completely frightened you out of it? It's really not all that bad... though, i would say going as a traveler is your best bet! (you will need to produce a visa to work for a US travel company.) The compensation is better that way, and your contract is limited in case you hate it.

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