How many NURSING classes are "normal" to take in a quarter semester program? - page 3

Hello all!!! =] I am attending UMET a bilingual University in Puerto Rico for nursing school and they are set up in what the call "PT". They work in quarter semester so they each last about 8 weeks. Now, when I went to... Read More

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    Hi evelina. I haven't started the program yet. I just finished chemistry 3 weeks ago and currently I'm taking a&p 2 with lab and micro with lab. I have my math classes for summer and hopefully start the program in the fall! Can't wait!

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    Hi Adorno2015:
    I hope to start the program in fall. Next week I'm going to take the test to see what classes of English and Spanish I have to take. I'm going to let you know if I'm going to start in fall. Good luck with your classes.
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    Good luck evelina! Please do let me know!
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    I'm considering to transfer to turabo orlando campus. What the nursing classes look like? Testing, HW ect?
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    Quote from khris2084
    I'm considering to transfer to turabo orlando campus. What the nursing classes look like? Testing, HW ect?
    Are done with all your pre-reqs? Where are you transferring from? I start the nursing classes on Monday. It's 4 days a week for and in mid July we have a couple of weeks that we have class all week. Program is an evening one though.
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    Florida Southern College. The only pre req I'm missing is Microbiology and whatever they make me take at Turabo to meet their req.
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    Their pre-reqs include a&p 1 and 2, micro, chemistry, statistics, statistics research, algebra 1 and 2, biology 103 (basic biology), that's from the science and math portions, there are other basic classes and the languages of course. I would go to one of their orientations. To get more information. They usually have them on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Do you live use by?
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    I went yesterday for orientation. I have all of those except the stats research and algebra 2 plus those language classes. I also took the language test yesterday so I have only two language classes to take.
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    Get on it. If you complete all those during the summer you could start in august, right?
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    Idk. I hope so. Have you heard from anybody already in the program what is like?

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