How many NURSING classes are "normal" to take in a quarter semester program? - page 3

by Jen_Jen88

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Hello all!!! =] I am attending UMET a bilingual University in Puerto Rico for nursing school and they are set up in what the call "PT". They work in quarter semester so they each last about 8 weeks. Now, when I went to... Read More

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    Hi evelina. I haven't started the program yet. I just finished chemistry 3 weeks ago and currently I'm taking a&p 2 with lab and micro with lab. I have my math classes for summer and hopefully start the program in the fall! Can't wait!
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    Hi Adorno2015:
    I hope to start the program in fall. Next week I'm going to take the test to see what classes of English and Spanish I have to take. I'm going to let you know if I'm going to start in fall. Good luck with your classes.
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    Good luck evelina! Please do let me know!