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Hello all!!! =] I am attending UMET a bilingual University in Puerto Rico for nursing school and they are set up in what the call "PT". They work in quarter semester so they each last about 8... Read More

  1. by   VickFL
    How long is the program in Orlando? And is it a BSN?
  2. by   Graduation2016
    Vick- in Orlando it is a BSN and how long it'll take will depend in how many classes you transfer if any. If you start from scratch it could be 3.5 years. Also the placement test for the English and Spanish classes will determine a lot too.
  3. by   evelina3
    Hello adoRNo2015:
    I went to Valencia College and I started Nursing 1. Right now I want to go to Turabo University at Metro Orlando. I know that is more expensive, but I'm going to have my BSN in less than 2 years. I find more easy to understand when they give you modules instead of books. I'm going to take the Spanish and English test next week, to start my classes in May. Can you tell me what is your experience in the nursing program. Thanks.
  4. by   Graduation2016
    Hi evelina:

    Well, about the modules, I can tell you we all hate them. Yes, they're a good guide but most of them are so old that when you click on the links provided which are supposed to help you, they're no longer available. Not having books is very hard for most of us. We don't have a books store so we don't get any book allowance. If you want to get the textbook suggested for the course, you're on your own. Also some of the assignments pre-workshop are so childish. I can't believe some of them, makes me wonder how college level students have to deal with some of this things. Why do you want to leave Valencia if you're already started the program?
  5. by   evelina3
    Hi Adorno2015:
    I bought all the books for nursing 1 and the books are really helpful. The bad thing is the nursing program is really difficult for me. The school only give you 1 opportunity to fail any of the semesters of the program and they kick you out. They don't count if you are good in the checkouts only they care about the tests. They give you 15-20 chapters to read and you expect only 55 questions in the test that have 180 points. To pass the test and the program you need more than 77%. All the tests are Critical thinking. I think that sometimes I don't understand the question and that's why I choose the wrong answer. I hope that I can have my bachelor at Ana G. Mendez because is Bilingual and that is going to help me. Any advice???
  6. by   Graduation2016
    Do you have all of your general classes and pre reqs competed? I am not sure if you can transfer straight from one program to another and still be able to start where you left off. I'm thinking you will have to start all over the beginning of the program, fundamentals, pharmacology and pathophysiology which are the fist 3 classes of the program. Also, you so speak both English and Spanish right? Because one week you'll be speaking and soon homework in English and the next week in Spanish. Why don't you give them a call next week after spring break to they can answer all of your questions. Good luck!
  7. by   evelina3
    Hi adorno2015:
    I don't have nothing completed yet only the pre-reqs (Anatomy, Microbiology, etc). I already talked with an advisor a she told me that I have to repeat only the languages (English and Spanish) and I start the nursing program at Ana G. Mendez. I have an associate from UPR and other AA from Valencia but they don't transfer any language classes. I really like the idea to take classes bilingual. You took already the first 3 classes of the program, how you did? Thanks for your info.
  8. by   Graduation2016
    Hi evelina. I haven't started the program yet. I just finished chemistry 3 weeks ago and currently I'm taking a&p 2 with lab and micro with lab. I have my math classes for summer and hopefully start the program in the fall! Can't wait!
  9. by   evelina3
    Hi Adorno2015:
    I hope to start the program in fall. Next week I'm going to take the test to see what classes of English and Spanish I have to take. I'm going to let you know if I'm going to start in fall. Good luck with your classes.
  10. by   Graduation2016
    Good luck evelina! Please do let me know!
  11. by   khris2084
    I'm considering to transfer to turabo orlando campus. What the nursing classes look like? Testing, HW ect?
  12. by   Graduation2016
    Quote from khris2084
    I'm considering to transfer to turabo orlando campus. What the nursing classes look like? Testing, HW ect?
    Are done with all your pre-reqs? Where are you transferring from? I start the nursing classes on Monday. It's 4 days a week for and in mid July we have a couple of weeks that we have class all week. Program is an evening one though.
  13. by   khris2084
    Florida Southern College. The only pre req I'm missing is Microbiology and whatever they make me take at Turabo to meet their req.