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  1. 0 Hi.. Does anybody noes if after Dic 31 Fl will not endorse PR Lic. anymore!!!
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    Sorry, but are you asking or are you informing? Not clear on what you're trying to say...
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    I'm asking... I heard that Fl is not going to endorse PR Lic. Is it true?????
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    Have you checked with the FL BON or read their website?
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    Does anyone know if I finish either an ADN or BSN in Puerto Rico can I choose to take the Nclex in the States to be specific in California? I mean Puerto Rico is part of USA territory; therefore, I hope they wouldnt be any problem. I tried to contact the board of nursing in california, but they just referred to the BON board for information, however, the information I am looking for is not posted online. Can anyone help me on this with personal feed backs ?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Training in the US doesn't always mean a state will accept it. CA is well known for not accepting some courses like Escelsior
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    I don't know about California But you can definitely sit For The nclex in new York or Delaware without a problem.

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