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So, I work at a facility where the other nuses pre pour meds for the 2nd shift, including narcotics. I seem to be the only one who won't do it. I'm really feeling the Love from my co-workers for... Read More

  1. by   Esme12
    Quote from JZ_RN
    Why would you prepour? I mean I organize the pill boxes so that all the pills for my regular night med pass are in line, then Am med pass are all grouped together, just to save time.... but I don't pre-pour or pre-pull. I pull the pill from the box while viewing the MAR as I go and then line them up on the cart, check them against the mar, then they get put in the cup and taken to the patient, then I come back and sign them off.. I don't see how pre-pouring could really even save you that much time. You spend the same time pulling them ahead of time that you spend during med pass. I mean I know med pass takes a long time and maybe you want to save time there but it's not worth a mistake. I also sign off meds as I go, and I do ones that are narcotics and crucial timing/insulin, etc., first at the scheduled hour, and if someone gets their senna and tylenol an hour late it's not the end of the world.
    She is talking about pouring for the NEXT shift!. It's the oncoming nurses that are not happy..........

    OP once again please don't participate.
  2. by   Do_Good
    Quote from Esme12
    She is talking about pouring for the NEXT shift!. It's the oncoming nurses that are not happy..........

    OP once again please don't participate.
    Esme12....I haven't seen this on the forum yet. Do you mean "Other People"?
  3. by   jmdRN
    Do_good, OP means "original poster", the person who started the thread ( in this case.. you ).

    And I agree with the others.. no way in heck would I willing pre-pour for another shift!!! that's just plain crazy!
  4. by   morte
    I a thinking that you already have a target on your back. Get a new job, asap. Before someone sets you up for a potentially license losing incident.
  5. by   julianp
    According to the rules I don't. According to reality I do. But to pour for someone else? Hell no. Even when I prepour it's just stool softeners and vitamins. Never narcotics and I don't even know on what planet giving someone elses meds would be ok.
  6. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    My first nursing job was very funny about pre-pouring. First it was okay, then it wasn't (but people did it anyway), then it was okay if the meds were given out within 15 minutes. I went along with pre-pouring at first, but I wised up and stopped.

    One night, I had to take over for the med tech after he went home early. I refused to give the meds he'd pre-poured. Everyone was irritated, including the DON, but I held my ground. I started job-hunting soon after.

    Don't pre-pour meds if you don't want to, but watch your back, and start looking for a new job.
  7. by   NutmeggeRN
    Dont. Ever. Do. It. it is your the BON if you need help.
  8. by   lumbarpain
    Many nurses do if they are regular full timers that are there everyday on the same floor with the same patients. But its a dangerous practice and the MAR must be checked for changes, DCs, and new orders every shift. NOt a good thing to do. Even though I knew my meds, I always checked the MAR everytime I was on the floor. Never Assume........ Dont do it.

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