Pre-mixed GI cocktail

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    In a hospital I worked for in Colorado, we had a container (an emptied out NS irrigation bottle) that was kept in the refrig, containing a 3-2-1 mixture of Maalox, viscous lidocaine and Donnatal elixir. We just took it out, shook it and poured 60 ml for a GI cocktail. It was mixed and brought to us by Pharmacy. Does anyone else out there do this? Where could I find articles to support the practice...or at least a copy of a policy? Thanks for your help.

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    The Green Lizard! Our pharmacy mixes it PRN.
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    Looking for a policy? Should be in your own policy book. Nope! not in mine! Cover your butt here LOL. Now I come from acute care and re-hab, but no state policies cover us for premixed stuff like that. Shake and pour is for pancake mix....not nurses. If..and just have a policy that covers this...then If I were you, I would like to see this policy. If they do not have one that works, then I would question giving that med.
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    yeah we have it 2. Pharm mixes it and sends it in a bottle to the floor. Have used it myself...tastes like HE** but it works wonders!!
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    We would mix our own as ordered, just take the meds out of the dibolt. I would always tell patients, just guzzle it, don't sip it! lol
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    I worked at an urgent care clinic for a bit and they did that, and they also did the same thing, only they had decadron and depo medrol mixed together! I refused to give it that way and drew up my own!
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    Where I work, it's a GI slider or 'grasshopper'. It's aleady premixed in 15ml bottles in our Omnicell. One per customer.
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    We have two different types..."green" GI cocktail, "white" GI cocktail. Policy? Doubtful. I'll tell you what, I hate getting ER report that says "we gave them a green GI cocktail" because after this long...I STILL don't know what's in it!

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