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A new policy at our hospital states that we cannot piggyback zosyn ...this may be a dumb question (I am a brand new nurse so bear with me) but WHY NOT? WHY CAN'T WE? Please let me hear your reason.... Read More

  1. by   StarryEyed, RN
    We run Zosyn on a microinfuser, not as a piggyback. I think ER does run it as piggyback. The microinfuser tubing is very thin so I doubt much gets wasted whether it's run as a primary or on a Y-port. And like other's I never heard of it being run over 4 hours. I have pt's that i have to give tons of abx and 4 hrs wouldn't allow for everything to be given, especially if they're also on electrolyte protocols!
  2. by   VICEDRN
    what esme said...
  3. by   Do-over
    We are running it over hours mostly. I run it as a piggyback, but yes, that would lower any maintenance fluids being received. If I was concerned about that, I would run a flush bag into the primary fluid line and piggyback the Zosyn on the flush bag.

    PS - If there are so many ABX or whatever, that need to be run (blood products, lytes replacement, etc) I'll start another line if possible.
  4. by   psu_213
    When running over 4 hrs, I can see why they do not want you to piggyback it (having the primary fluids not running for 4 hours at a time while the Zosyn in running). However, you could always piggyback it into KVO fluids, Y site this into the primary fluids, which would run through the entire infusion.

    On a side note, in our ER we can still run Zosyn over 30 minutes (it is 4 hours on the floor). Policy is that we supposed to piggyback it, but many nurses run it as a primary.
  5. by   nerdtonurse?
    Interesting. Like a 80mg protonix drip as opposed to 40 mg ivp BID. Wonder if they'll end up creating special "drip" protocols where I work....
  6. by   sethmctenn
    We typically run a loading dose of 2.25gm then a continuous infusion at 8.3cc/hr after the loading dose.
  7. by   CandaceHinz
    Our hospital also went to 4 hour infusion time every 6-8 hours on for 4 off 2 hrs or on 4 off 4hrs, it is renal dosing. best practice medication is more effective and easier on the kidneys. we connect it to a maintence fluid at the Y site under the pump because the infusion only runs at 12.5ml/hr. also in the ER and the first dose can be given over 30min considered a loading dose, then all other doses run at extended infusion.
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