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    Can a primary tubing be used as a secondary? I have seen this done before by experienced nurses and don't know if this is correct? I guess if I look at iterate common sense, they are both tubing and are both hooked up above the smart pump it's just using the primary line tubing is longer anyone follow me? Just curious what's correct practice

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    Why wouldn't you just use secondary tubing?
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    Sometimes they come from pacu like this or another nurse sets it up... I always use secondary I was just curious if it works the same?
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    On any of the pumps I've ever used, you couldn't because the primary tubing has the cartridge that has to fit into the pump. The secondary line doesn't have a cartridge and just gets connected to the "B" port of the primary line. Theoretically, you could do it if you had 2 pumps and you could connect the secondary to the Y site of the primary but that seems like an awful lot of hassle when there's a much easier way to do it.
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    Sorry guess I didn't explain it correctly there is a primary line and the one to piggy back is on is a primary line set as well they connect primary to primary basically at the correct place
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    Are you talking about a Y connector? Because I never run 2 things through the same line... compatibility of drugs and stuff. If I am pushing a drug I might use the Y connector but you have to be careful of flushing... I'm a bit confused, maybe by your grammar and words?
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    Think of it this way...above the level of the pump..secondary tubing should be used. If you want to access the system at a Y site that is below the level of the pump you need to use primary tubing. If you have any locked VAD and do not have any IVF running..you use a primary tubing...but b/c it is a primary intermittent....the intermittent tubing policies apply(whatever yours happen to be). INS recommends q24 hrs tubing change on primary intermittent or secondaries that function in that manner due to the frequent connections and disconnections . CDC makes no recommendation
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    The way I understood the OP, a primary tubing was connected at the normal secondary port above the pump. I guess if all the clamps were open, it could work...lots of backpriming for the next dose though! If I didn't have any secondary tubing and the patient had regular IVF, I would add another module and hook the second primary at the Y site (as long as they were compatible).
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    Sure you can, as long as the tubing isn't automatically "clamped" unless it's in a pump. It's just longer, but works the same way. You'd just want to infuse what's in the tubing at the end, as it might hold a significant percentage of the volume of a 50ml bag, f'rinstance.
    A lot depends on the mechanics of the tubing/pump system. I've sometimes used a separate pump on the piggyback with primary tubing, if there's not a way to control the speed of infusion for a secondary med on the pump. Confused yet?
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    If primary tubing is all you have available then yes, technically it will work. The length of the tubing does not affect the pressure at the connection point, in fact you could attach enough tubing to have it hang out the window and go down to the parking lot and back up and it would still work the same. One concern would be that you would have ports that might be confused for ports on a primary, not a secondary.

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