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I had a pt who needed yet another Potassium run. She told me that it had burned when a previous nurse had run the potassium. Being a new nurse, I went seeking advise on what rate to run the... Read More

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    Quote from sediaz
    she came into the room with me and set up NS going through a pump and primary line connected to the IV site. She then set up the postassium going throug another pump with its primary line connected to the NS tubing at the port closest to the IV site. I don't remember what rates she set the pumps at but I do know that the patient had no complaints of burning sensation. Can someone help me with what the rates might have been? Would I use the same set-up with a mag run?
    *** That is the standard, normal way to run IV K and Mag into PIVs in every hospital I have ever worked at. We start with running the NS at the same rate as the K, usually 50ml/hour. If there are any patient complaints we will double or even tripple the rate of the NS to run in ar 100ml/hour or 150ml/hour while keeping the K infusion at 50ml/hour.
    Same for Mag. We usually run Mag in at 200ml/hour and set up a NS IV to run at the same rate.
    Running IV K as a piggy back in a PIV is bad practice and something I though had been done away with back in the dark ages.

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