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Recently started using eMAR. It had been a few weeks now. Nurses have encountered all kinds of problems. Some problems listed below: 1. Font size too small to read. (My guess is a size 8 font. We... Read More

  1. by   3dayRN
    we use Meditech also, sounds like a pharmacy problem also not just a computer problem. We do not have ANY of the problems you mentioned. If there is an error it is usually the pharmacy that entered it in wrong but it's as easy as a phone call and the problem is corrected. Our discontinued meds the whole box turns yellow so it is easy to identify.
  2. by   Mommy&RN
    Quote from Jessy_RN
    The length of time for pharmacy to enter orders is insanely ridiculous. What if those meds are antibiotics or special compounds?

    We use Cerner and although I am not too thrilled about the charting system itself it is very easy to read and navigate the emar.

    If the system goes down or pharmacy is backed up with orders to be put in, then we can always pull our "down time" folder and chart the good ol' fashioned way (on paper MAR).

    Through our eMAR we can request a med, reschedule doses, add notes, etc
    If a dc's med doesn't fall off then, we can request it and then pharmacy will grey it out.

    We also use Cerner, I really like the Emar on it.

    12-24h to have meds entered is INSANE!!!! We very rarely have a 2 hour wait. Our physicians still write paper orders, we scan to the pharmacy and have the option of routine or stat. That will prioritize your stat gtt over my new routine med orders.

    It is very nice that we can reschedule meds also. Say the pt is away from the floor for a few hours, and they had a q6h med due while they were gone, I can give it when they get back and move the next dose so they don't get them too close together, and have to stop and call or message pharmacy.

    If something isn't in our stock, we can send a note. There is a drop box of options, so 3 clicks your done.

    Once an order is d/c'd it turns grey and goes to the bottom.

    Our scheduled meds are on a blue background, prns are green and infusions are blue, but are at the bottom of the list. Overdue meds get a red box.
  3. by   ava2012
    Your experience certainly sounds like a nightmare! We have been using a system called Extended Care Professional (www.ecp123.com). It is so easy to use & is very affordable for any type of facility.

    It has everything we need all in one. We really like that it doesn't require you to buy or install any type of software. It is completely web-based and you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Whenever we have any questions, their staff is very friendly and has always answered our questions in a timely fashion.

    It would be our best recommendation for an eMar!
  4. by   picurn10
    hmmm, that sounds terrible. Our physicians write an order and a paper order prints, and an electronic copy is sent to pharmacy. At most it takes 10mins for it to show on the emar and the pyxis. If its longer than that, I just call to pharmacy and they fix it while I'm on the phone. Cancelled orders show up the same way, except that they fall off the emar, and you can see it at the bottom of the screen in yellow as a "d/c'd med" If you try to scan the med, it will give you a pop up that its been d/c'd. The stuff your describing sounds more dangerous than papers mars!
  5. by   BettyPalen
    My question with filling out both the 7 and the 14 days MARS is what do you do when the list of meds is longer that the MARS itself? Do you use a new one for the same day? So confused; need to know for an assignment. Thanks!