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Is administration of abx centrally more favorable then peripherally peripherally? Me and a coworker were discussing this earlier. A pt. had a port and a peripheral iv. Vanco wad being given. She questioned why the port wasn't... Read More

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    If I was in your place I would make a list of all the commonly prescribed antibiotics that you are seeing in your practice and then I would look each one up in Betty Gaharts IV medications book and make guide to share with the staff. There are too many drug companies that make antibitics so it will be difficult to find one blanket statement about antibiotic administration. I now we have a chart like this at the hospital where I work. I can tell you this..most adult dosages can be safely administered over 30 min. There are some that need to be given over at least 1 hour such as Vancomycin and then there are the antifungals and antivirals that often require longer infusion times to manage the infusion related reactions and side effects. I guess I am struggling with why a nurse would rush an IV infusion especially on outpatients. often these patients are driving themselves home and should they have a reaction after leaving the center it could be bad ,plus they are no longer being monitored by a nurse. I just would never do that to get my patient out faster and now you know this happening you have an ethical duty to STOP this practice. Please let me know if I can help you with any other resources. In the meantime ,I will check my resources and see if I have anything else that may help you. Keep up the good work.

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    Quote from DeLanaHarvickWannabe
    This happens a lot. Or, if the port had been used originally for chemo, we wait on the oncologist's okay to access it.

    Also, a patient with a port probably doesn't have great veins as it is.
    That is usually the reason why we don't use a port right away.

    Ports do get missed. Usually the patient mentions they have a port, though. Sometimes ports do not work which is also why we don't use them...but for meds like Vanc, always try to administer them through a central line if at all possible.
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