When is the best time to apply for an online RN-BSN program?

  1. I am an ADN student, not a RN. I am expected to graduate by May 2012. I plan on taking the NCLEX sometime during the summer (June or July). I completed most, if not, all of the prereqs and general courses. Ideally, I want to be admitted into an online RN-BSN program sometime in Fall 2012 or soon after I pass the NCLEX. I wish not to take a break from school.

    When is the best time to apply for an online RN-BSN program? Would it be ideal to apply as I'm wrapping up my final semester in my ADN program? Would it be possible to go straight into this program after receiving your license or after passing the NCLEX? Thoughts? Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    It really depends on the school. Some (most?) will not allow RN-BSN students to apply until they are actually RNs. I would start looking at programs as you're wrapping up your ADN and figure out which ones you want to apply to, then do so as soon as you're able to apply. Good luck!
  4. by   happyinillinois
    My advise is to take your NCLEX AsAP. You know the material. DOn't wait until you've been done with school for 3 months! You won't study 24/7 even though you think you will. You know the material!! Now, after you've finished, llod into continuing. Depending on where you go, they will have different dates. WGU and Purdue you can start every month. Others vary. Good Luck!
  5. by   rninme
    As Lunah said - it depends on the school. I am at Ohio University and there are people in my RN to BSN classes that have not graduated from their ADN programs yet - but they may be schools associated with OU. OU has rolling admissions - give the school of nursing a call, they can give you more information. Good Luck to you!