Whats a good online RN-BSN program?

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    I've heard good from a friend of mine Excelsior. I've ruled out University of Pheonix.
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    University of Iowa. You may or may not need to live near the state to do it, there are several options. It is great and highly regarded.
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    Thank you I'll look into it. I live about 6 hours from U of Iowa.
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    why have you ruled out university of phoenix?? i eventually want to get my bachelors and was thinking of doing it there.....
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    University of Phoenix is high $$$$$$. University of Southern Indiana has a good program, not as high cost as many others. You can do either RN-BSN or RN-MSN, either one online. Good luck.
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    Like the other poster said .... high $$$$$

    The military won't accept it.
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    Thanks I'll check into that. The online program in my state WI... is 390 a credit hour
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    Southeast Missouri State University. Great school, wonderful price.
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    Most credits earned through online schools are non-transferable to any other school. So if you're looking to transfer those UOP credits to any other school to get in... good luck.
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    I didn't know that. Thanks