Whats a good online RN-BSN program?

  1. 0 I've heard good from a friend of mine Excelsior. I've ruled out University of Pheonix.
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    University of Iowa. You may or may not need to live near the state to do it, there are several options. It is great and highly regarded.
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    Thank you I'll look into it. I live about 6 hours from U of Iowa.
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    why have you ruled out university of phoenix?? i eventually want to get my bachelors and was thinking of doing it there.....
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    University of Phoenix is high $$$$$$. University of Southern Indiana has a good program, not as high cost as many others. You can do either RN-BSN or RN-MSN, either one online. Good luck.
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    Like the other poster said .... high $$$$$

    The military won't accept it.
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    Thanks I'll check into that. The online program in my state WI... is 390 a credit hour
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    Southeast Missouri State University. Great school, wonderful price.
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    Most credits earned through online schools are non-transferable to any other school. So if you're looking to transfer those UOP credits to any other school to get in... good luck.
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    I didn't know that. Thanks
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    University of Massachusetts - Amherst. I graduated the regular BSN track there but when we were pinned all the online Rn to BSN students were there as well, some coming from out of state just for the ceremony, Others were not present because they were too far away but I guess you can not live close and still go through the program
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    Quote from Misty1
    I've heard good from a friend of mine Excelsior. I've ruled out University of Pheonix.
    i juat finished my last test with excelisor and am getting ready to do cpne it is a hard trip, but can be done good luck to you
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    It's a little off the radar, but Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana (the nursing school is actually in Shreveport) has an excellent program with no site visits required. Web address is www.nsula.edu, then go to Academics, then college of nursing. You can get info online or call the school for more info. I believe it is much more cost-effective than many of the advertised programs. I completed my BSN through this program, and many of the nurses I work with have also, and we all found it completely possible to do while working full-time. Good luck!

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