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Most of the info that I've found on this forum about UofW is at least a few years old, so I wanted to start a new discussion. I'm in the second (last) year of my ADN program at a "brick and mortar" school in Charleston, SC and... Read More

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    So, how did that pharmacology class work out for you? I will begin mine in the spring semester and am quite nervous. Thanks in advance for any info you can bring to the table.

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    ok, so this a real program and is not one of those schools they talk about on the news and the whole thing was just fake? that was the 1st thing that came to mind when i saw the price per unit. it's so much cheaper. it says:
    standard undergraduate rate $104
    standard graduate rate $202
    anyone know how hard it is to get in?
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    I have been taking classes to finish my BSN with University of Wyoming for the last year.
    Online classes are 104.00 per credit plus 40 per credit for the online fee.
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    Hi cowgrlnurse!

    I see you did ADN and UW at the same time so I would love to pick your brain! I start both ADN and RN/BSN this fall. So many questions for you.. you must be about done??

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    hoping to start at university of wyoming in january. Does only one teacher teach the course?
    Is ther a teachers that you would recommend at the school. I think i willneed stats.
    I haven't math in years do they offer any tutoring for the online program.
    Also how much time do need to set a side each week for each class.
    Any thoughts would be helpful.
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    The online courses are set up with weeekly discussion boards. The assignments are usually due by midnight on Sunday. The class is taught by one instructor, using printed lecture format, power point, and links to other sites. The instructor also post additional comments and suggestions as the class progresses. There is an online tutoring component on the student website, but I have not used it. The amount of time needed for each assignment is variable, it depends on the assignment.
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    I went to the website and cannot find any info on the RN-BSN program curriculum. Can anyone provide this? Thank you!
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    Quote from KaLynRN
    I went to the website and cannot find any info on the RN-BSN program curriculum. Can anyone provide this? Thank you!
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    OK thank you! Geese, I'm sorry I couldn't find that :-(
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    No worries.

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