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  1. Hello, I plan on attending TESC shortly wanted to start a new post because all others seemed dated. I'm throwing a lot of questions out there to hopefully help others as well as myself. Any advise on the program? What are some of the better instructors in each nursing subject? Anyone using the state tuition waiver if so how do you submit your commanders cert? Anyone selling books for completed classes? Is it even worth purchasing all the books from the syllabus? Is there a fee to transfer credits? Any responses are greatly appreciated. Hopefully we can keep this thread current for 2012.
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  3. by   mjishernameo
    hi jershar:

    Im in the bsn program now. i transfered 120 credits to a BA in science and transfered all but 6 classes (18 sh) towards bsn. 75 dollar app fee covers the academic evaluation. tuituion is tricky because the nsg program (you have to be enrolled in it) charges more per sh than other courses but you dont need to pay yearly tuition enrollement (1700 or so). I had to pay the enrollment fee to get my ba processed then i paid the 970 for the nursing course. its alot, but cheaper than most others i researched. they are fully accredited and many nj nurses are using this program to advance their degree. hope this helps. good luck
  4. by   Jershar
    Hi mjishernameo, thanks for the advise. As a current student, do you have any advice. What class are you taking?
  5. by   mjishernameo
    hI Jershar:

    Im taking Nursing Informatics. Im only taking one class because money is tightright now and my employer doesnt have tuition reimbursment. Im really enjoying it, it's been challenging learning how to navigate the online learning...but so far Im doing well. Our professor (mentor) assigns discussions once or twice a week that you post to a main discussion board. It requires alot of APA citing and correct formats and that's something that I havent done in years so Im learning alot. There are 3 text books , one of them is the APA handbook. Additionally, there are links posted each week with material to learn. There are 13 people in my class and we are required to comment on each others posts. Like I said, so far, so good. We have one big paper due in a few weeks which requires some research. You get access to the NJ state reference library to look up articles on your subject. Have you enrolled yet? TESC is really good at taking transfers and they have a good reputation, Ive met so many graduate level nurses that used this program. Good luck and lets keep in touch...
  6. by   oldnurse47
    Hi I am new to site, are there any nurses in the program from Mississippi?
  7. by   mjishernameo
    Quote from oldnurse47
    Hi I am new to site, are there any nurses in the program from Mississippi?
    i don't think so...We each had to do a "biosketch" on the first week to introduce ourselves and give some background information on ourself...I don't think anyone is living outside of NJ at this time. Most if not all are currently NJ licensed RNs. Although anyone can apply to program.
    Hope this helps.
  8. by   33762FL
    You have to buy the textbooks for every class. Weekly discussion questions require that you read the text and cite it in APA format. If you're going to do this program, you need to be willing to buy and read textbooks. There are no lectures - just the texts.
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    Thanks mjishernameo,I am interested in in TESC, I don't know if it's accepted in my state. I graduated with ASN in 1993 from Regents and was no problem. But I hear no one talking about TESC in my state. I like the idea it is cheaper and accept more credits. If any one heard if TESC is limited to certain states let me know. I am from Mississippi.
  10. by   workinmomRN2012
    @33762FL and mjishernameo- I am considering applying to TESC, can you tell me about the program from an online student's point of view? Would you go there again or would you choose another school and if so, which one would you choose? What are the rest of the courses like and is it doable to work 32 hrs a wk and still be B's? I am an RN with an Associates degree how many classes do you think I would need to take? Any info would be greatly appriciated- Thanks