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third time i was a success

  1. 1 I passed Transition to the RN professional last Friday. This was my final nursing exam on to FCCA then CPNE. I just want to say I at one point I was in a negative place. I did not believe in myself. But I thank God for freeing me from such thoughts. I am back on track. I will never give up on my dream.
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    Congratulations, that's brilliant

    Keep up with the positive thinking, and well done
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    Congratulations on passing Transitions!!
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    Congrats on your passing! Awesome that you pushed on through and got it done. Good luck on your FCCA and CPNE!
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    congratulations!!!!!!!!!! you can do anything.
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    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!, I think we all can do it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    and Best wishes to you!
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    dont give up!! almost there!!!
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    Hang in there. We both are so close to being done. We can do this!!!!!!

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    It's happened to me too and guess what I passed my board. I have an RN behind my name Congrats !!!!!!!!! stay postive
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    Congrats!! I am struggling with this myself right now, post like this give me hope!!
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    Congrats!! Good for you =)