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  1. 0 Where can i find the study group 101 study guides? Thank you
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    Outstanding material! Traci
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    You can also find them on ebay at Excelsior College.
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    I love SG101. Nice people, great materials. Very thorough!
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    Best $10 I ever spent! I just ordered their ethics study guide. C
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    I know that I am probably not the first one to suggest this, but I just found it and I thought I would share it with everyone. StudyGroup 101 has pre-made, up-to-date, affordable study notes for sale to help meet your study needs.

    I just used it to get notes for Life Span Developmental Psychology exam. I was able to download them directly to my pc. I am unable to buy my book at this time, so this is helping me get a jump start on my studying. I hope this is helpful to someone here.
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