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  1. by   MNnurse91
    Hi there! My Capstone is coming up soon, so I'm wondering about my mentor. Does she have to be specifically affiliated/working in the field that is the exact same regards to what my research will be on? I used chronic pain for my PICOT in the Nursing Research class, so I'm hoping to continue with that. And I also work in long-term care, so I'm hoping to find a nurse within my workplace or at another facility nearby.
  2. by   4mranch
    I don't believe your mentor has to be in the exact same field as your project, but they do have to be a BSN or higher in their education. Best of luck with your Captsone.
  3. by   NayNaeRN
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    I guess for some, they need to "walk" but not me. I didnt even goto pinning on completion of my ADN programming..sipping a rum/coke on an Alaskan cruise,lol But it is offered..and u can watch it online..
    Flames!! I just got back from my Alaskan cruise on Saturday....words cant' even describe!! This is my last week, I submit my final paper on Sunday. Can't WAIT!
  4. by   Flames9_RN
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    Flames!! I just got back from my Alaskan cruise on Saturday....words cant' even describe!! This is my last week, I submit my final paper on Sunday. Can't WAIT!
    We enjoyed our Alaskan cruise.....funny story....My wife and I had a table for 2 and we always ate pretty fast and left....this other table noticed that and would ask us how the food was, and would order accordingly. 1 night they invited over to their suite for drinks before supper! Was 1 of the higher end suits, was huge and nice.. Once they found out we were from DC, they seriously started asking us if we knew Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden!! I guess when they came into town they did!! I was FB friends with them for awhile and wow! Pretty amazing houses and cars,lol If you want a great forum for cruises, check out cruisecritic so much info on ships/tours/ports....The Roll call forum is handy, as it is people that will be sailing on ur cruise..Easy to set up private tours which are a zillion times better and cheaper than what the cruise line offers. And Smaller groups! I tend t oorganize a few when we cruise and keep the tour groups small, say around 6-8 people..vice a huge busload thats on most cruise tours!!

    Enjoy hitting the final submit button....I had to take 2 "anything" classes after capstone..was hard to stay motivated....Enjoy
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  5. by   kobe1011
    Hi there,
    I am new here. I start my capstone this week and do not quite know what to do with the Individual Success Plan, instructor only tell us to go to the " resource tap". I appreciate if someone can give me a hint or direction.
  6. by   4mranch
    This is how my instructor explained it to me. In the table there are 6 columns. The first column is the topic due that week. In the second column list the domains addressed in that topic (domains are found in the Appendix towards the end of the ISP). The third column you would list the number of hours spent that week on each topic due for the week. The fourth column is the assignment due date. The fifth column list each domain used (i.e. 1.1, 1.2, 2.2, etc) and a BRIEF synopsis of how those domains relate to activities for the week. The sixth column is the date the assignments were submitted.
    Hope this helps. Good luck with the class. It does get easier after the first couple of weeks. There is just a lot of "busy work" that you have to do. I would also advise getting your scholarly activity done and written earlier rather than later just to get it out of the way. I did mine on a trauma symposium that I attended.
  7. by   kobe1011
    Hi 4mranch,

    Thank you for your direction, it is much clear. Am I supposed to submit all 10 weeks ISP or submit it weekly? And thanks for your advice, I will try to do the scholarly activity on the week that do not have assignment.
  8. by   4mranch
    Hi kobe. During the first week, we were required to submit the ISP completed except for the columns with the number of hours, the self-assessment, and the date assignment completed (those could be completed for the first week only). We did not submit the final completion until the 10th week.
  9. by   kobe1011
    Hi 4mranch,

    Thank you for your information. I am glad that only 9 weeks left. The instructor has not grade any DQ or assignment yet. Will see. I am working on the Capstone project topic,Thanks again.