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I am enrolled in the RN-MSN program at Aspen University and after finishing the first two courses I feel that this has been a great choice. If anyone out there is looking for an affordable program with solid nursing content... Read More

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    any actual graduates?????

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    I am currently considering the Aspen U RN to MSN program. I do see that it is not entirely online as most are. How does one handle the 60 hour community health practicum and work a full time job? Is this impractical? I think its the one thing holding me back from signing up.
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    I am also looking for feedback on the Aspen University ADN to MSN Program. I start on Sept 1st. So far everyone has been great and extremely helpful in helping me get me set-up. Got my acceptance letter and I am thrilled! NO STATISTICS YEAH!
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    I took just one course there and the staff was great. At that time there was no practicum that I recall. I would call and ask to speak with the Dean. She'll be able to let you know if it's feasible to complete that while working. My best guess would be that it is. Good luck to you.
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    I have a call into my Academic Counselor to see about the clinical rotations. I will update you when I have some info. This is a concern for me as I work 3-12's a week also.
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    The Aspen University program is great. It's a truly on-line, independent study program. Each course has eight modules with clearly defined learning objectives. Some of the courses have quizzes; however, all of them have one required discussion board posting and a professional development paper that must be prepared using APA sytle formating. There is also a nursing blog and a student nurse cafe.

    The "60 hour clinical" is not a true clinical course. It is a teaching project for the Community/Public Health course that is required for the BSN level. That project can be as indepth as you design it. However, you do not need a Preceptor for the course.

    The school now offers a RN to BSN and a RN to MSN program. The length of time you take to complete them, is truly up to you. Each course is designed for you to complete within 10 weeks. They do allow a two week extension. You are only allowed three extensions per year, however (use those wisely). The school and the nursing program are accredited by the appropriate national accrediting bodies. The professors, most of whom are PhDs or DNPs, are responsive, especially the Dean.

    I personally completed the program within 1-1/2 years. The Practicums for the MSN level specialization courses do require a Preceptor that you arrange within your hometown. There is a complete Preceptor Handbook that helps to facilitate this process.

    This past July 2013, there were about 8-10 MSN students that graduated and participated in the ceremony in Denver, CO. However, I understand there are many more that have graduated this year. The BSN program just started this year (Jan 2013). Overall, I hear there are over 500 nursing students between the two programs.

    I personally chose the RN to MSN route to secure my Masters first. I will be starting the NP program in September 2013. I didn't want to lock myself into a lengthy program. I wanted to be able to have something to show for my efforts within a short period of time, especially if I got tired and wanted to take a break (I'm results oriented). This way I have my MSN and can function in a nurse educator's role while I attend NP school. Accordingly, my plan after securing the post-master's NP certification is to continue on to get my DNP. Again, I can practice as a NP while I pursue my DNP. I could have gone the RN to DNP route and I would have been locked into a program for 4-6 years without anything until the program was finished.

    Aspen's program is very reasonable with no unreasonable expectations on your time, financial resources, or mental energies (no collaborative projects). You will get out of the program what you put into it. If you go deeper into the course materials, you will gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding and working knowledge. If you skim the cource, you will still come out with the basic bahavioral/learning objectives and competencies identified by CCNE.

    Be mindful, at most schools initial "advisors" are marketing/sales reps. Their job is to sell you on the school and the programs. When I initaially called, however, the person gave me the bare raw facts. I advised him that I use to be a salesperson - so please do try to sell me - just advise me on what I need to know. Accordingly, that's what happened - I got the information I needed to make an informed decision. Also, Aspen has a BSN, RN that is the nursing student's advisor. Her responsibilities are to facilitate a smooth passage for the nursing students. Interestingly, I had already applied and was awaiting acceptance to another school; I applied, submitted my documents, etc., and was enrolled in a matter of days.

    No, I am not a school official - I simply found a viable option for a reasonable on-line program that I have tremendously benefited from - and I felt compelled to share.

    I hope this was helpful. Let me know if I can be of assistance.
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    Wow great info, THANKS! I do have a question for you. I plan on taking two BSN courses at a time and getting through it by October 2014. Is it practical to take 2 MSN courses at a time if I work 36hrs a week also? They keep suggesting that I take only one at a time. What was the work load like in the MSN portion? Did you take the either the Educator or Management specialty?
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    I talked with my clinical advisor, N493 Community Health II "Clinical" is more like a community research project where you go out into your immediate community and research/investigate your local community resources. It does not have any "clinical" hours required. It can be paired with N495 Health Assessment. N492 does need to be completed first however. Hope this helps.
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    Quote from jmuhammad10
    I personally completed the program within 1-1/2 years.
    WOW! That seems really fast for a RN-MSN program. I like the idea of getting a MSN first and then a certificate for FNP. I'm considering doing a RN-MSN program now instead of a RN-BSN.....decisions, decisions!
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    Thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences about Aspen! I have been on the fence about enrolling with them for a year now... I needed to hear some other students experiences. It seems almost too good to be true, the skeptic in me was having a difficult time understanding how a school could be to convenient with rolling admission, the option to take one class at a time with the option of also going as quickly or slowly as your life permitted to go, affordable and accredited! The experience I have had on the phone with them (asking the same questions over and over) has been great and if the rep did not know the answer they would find out and be quick to get back with me.
    For those of you who have completed your masters program, have you had any feedback about your preparedness in the work place? Do you feel like the content of the courses were very complete and prepared you for the experiences you are facing now?
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