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I am enrolled in the RN-MSN program at Aspen University and after finishing the first two courses I feel that this has been a great choice. If anyone out there is looking for an affordable program... Read More

  1. by   bquiday74
    hi nurseFL305,

    Congratulations! I will start my MSN in August and I am a little scared about it. Any help or any inputs to help me. Thank you.
  2. by   bquiday74
    Quote from nurseFL305
    Hello! I completed Aspen's MSN-Edu. last year. I loved the program and the professors. Everyone was so helpful and interested in student success. I now work full time as faculty for another university, because of my degree from Aspen. The CCNE is just as good as RA, especially for nursing.
    Will it be okay to ask you questions from time to time. I will start my MSN in August.
  3. by   jmuhammad10
    Greetings all,

    It's been a little over a year since I last posted on this thread. I finished in October 2013. Since then, there have been some truly positive changes at Aspen that should help students remain focused and progress through the program successfully - as I stay in touch with the program as a resource to new students.

    Someone inquired about the 3 Ps - adv pharm, physical health, and pathophys - as a part of Aspen's program - currently adv pathophys is a part of the program with the other two expected to roll out over the next 3 months or so. Thus, those of you looking to go into Post master NP programs will have the pre-req courses you need - and the courses are readily transferable.

    I am currently working in a ground ADN program and a RN-BSN-MSN online program as a Nurse Educator and Clinical Instructor while pursuing my FNP. I mentioned previously, the degree of preparedness you will walk away with from Aspen is solely dependent on your focus, dedication, and commitment to mastering the content presented. It is like any school, the instructors are there to facilitate a pathway for you, it's up to you to take advantage of the knowledge, wisdom, and skills that they lay out for you.

    Costs? Like most places, has seen some increase; however, I did not use financial aide. Every class had to be paid for in advance. However, they do accept monthly payment plans now.

    As far as taking multiply classes at a time - again , I would assess truly the availability to commit 20-40 hours per week into multiple classes - also, is the goal to just finish? Or is the goal to be truly prepared for the marketplace? That's a personal choice. I would try one class at a time; see how it impacts your life first before tackling two or more classes simultaneously. However, what I did do was start a new class when I was at least 40-60% finished with the first class. So sometimes, I had two or three or four classes active at one time - I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO DO THIS CONSISTENTLY IF YOU DESIRE TO REMAIN SANE!!! You have been forewarned 😜.

    I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to reach out to me at jamuhammad19@yahoo.com if I can be of help. Peace always.
  4. by   nbamus
    Hi everyone,

    how are your rn-msn program going? I will be starting in december. However, I will be using financial aid. Did any of you use financial aid? I heard they still bill you couple thousand dollars when you use financial aid or stop you after taking couple classes and ask to pay if you want to continue with your classes. Is it true?
  5. by   BetterMeRN
    Would love some feedback on this program. I currently have a BSN, I started a MSN program but the cost of the program is the issue. How much would going from BSN-MSN cost? How long is the program???
  6. by   jmuhammad10
    Congrats on thinking about elevating yourself to the next level.

    I believe Aspen has s great program!! The instructors offer a realistic and useable curriculum with challenging assignments that help students to master the content.

    The cost now, I'm not sure - probably $11k to $13k. There is a monthly payment plan and classes start monthly. I believe there are only 12 or 13 courses. It should take most committed students about 1-1/2 to 2 years to complete. I would not recommend taking 2 classes at a time - especially if you want to master the content in preparation for career advancement and if you have been away from school for a while.

    The courses are all ten weeks except the capstone project. The courses are no longer self paced. However, the courses are designed to ensure students progress at an even and comprehensive pace.

    I would contact an advisor to see what classes can be transferred.

    I hope this helps.

    Aspen U is a great choice, in my opinion.

    Peace always,

    Prof. Jennifer Muhammad, MSN, FNP(s), RN
  7. by   Sestra911
    Hello, have you graduated from the program? How long did it take you? Thank you in advance!
  8. by   jmuhammad10
    Greetings. It took me under 1-1/2 years to complete the RN to MSN program. Again, make mastering the content your focus versus the time frame. The assignments were comprehensive enough to obtain mastery; however, it took at least 20-30 hours per week to get through the assignments with reading, researching, and digesting the content. I personally wanted to get my full money's worth; thus, I invested the time and energy while working, at times, part-time to achieve the goal. Best wishes.
  9. by   Runman1914
    I'm in the RN to MSN with Aspen online. Just finished my first 2 courses. 17 more to go! Any grads from Aspen out there can tell me how jobs are now with their MSN?

  10. by   rncher
    Looking at Aspen University RN-BSN, I work full- time and dtr is 14. I would like to know how the class work is and how much money it will be? When I am on the web site it states $9000.00? But I don't think that includes the prereqects. Any information on Aspen would be helpful. I do not want to have a big bill do to the fact my daughter will be in college in 4 yrs. I really want to be done with my degree in 4 yrs. I want to go back to school because I would like more options open to me and hopefully make more money. I will be the only one paying for her college as well as mine. Any thoughts?? Please...
  11. by   Neiser63
    I am looking at Aspen. Are the instructors helpful? How is the grading process? Any computer generated exams?

  12. by   Neiser63
    What is RA?

    I am looking into the RN-MSN -Edu program at Aspen. I have read several great reviews and some bad reviews. Any information you can give is appreciated.
  13. by   Neiser63
    I spoke with them as I am looking at their RN-MSN program. She said they have a payment plan without interest for $325/month. There are some reviews you should read. Many good, some bad.