RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University--Let the fun begin Sep 30 2013 - page 4

Howdy all, I bit the bullet and after much research, I decided on Grand Canyon! Wow, I did not expect BSN schools to be like used car salesmen--hounding me by emails and phone calls. Rather impressed on how Grand Canyon sort of... Read More

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    Yep--as usual--I had a quick reply back,lol and yep, need all 12--which 2 I can test out of!

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    You mean CLEP? I've never tried that, some people have told me I should do that too. I'd be worried I wouldn't really know what I'm being tested on. You'll have to report back on that when you're done with it
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    My counselor sent me a link, and it goes over what is covered in those 2 classes, such as what one is expected to know, examples of questions aksed on exam--and what sources they get the testing info from. So one could spend the $$$ and buy the books and read!! Lot cheaper than what it would cost to do the whole course AND no papers to write,lol
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    What classes are would those be?
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    http://getcollegecredit.com/assets/p...r_Bulletin.pdf page 41 (Human/cultural Geography) page 90 (substance abuse)
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    I don't see how those would eliminate one, let alone two courses from the list you posted? What am I missing? Which classes are they replacing?
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    Yes, I agree. Really have not paid much attention. I was told yesterday again I only required 12 classes, and the gal that was to confirm my schedule has not yet got back to me. I have been busy with other things. Guess I need to clear this up,lol
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    So you could clep gen-ed classes? right?
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    At this time I have no clue!! I emailed and asked about these 2 courses they said I could test out of. I have asked numerous times about needing "12" classes and testing out of 2, bringing the # to 10. The 12 classes I listed on the other page were form the unofficial evaluation they did and it stated what classes I required.....it made no mention of the human/cultural geography and the Substance course. Normally they respond pretty quickly to my emails, so they may be off today
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    hmmm, I wonder about that. I don't see how on earth cultural geography CLEP would do a thing for the required courses left. Guess we'll see!

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