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Pharmacology Online?

  1. 0 Does anyone know of a beginning pharmacology course that is taught completely online? Not a calculations course, I've already had that.
    I'm starting LPN classes soon and I would like to get a "heads up" on pharmacology if I could.
    Thanks in advance!
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    My school offers one but it's not offered this summer, so wouldn't be open until fall. I'm sure you can find one though. Goodluck!
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    Quote from kaytekayte
    My school offers one but it's not offered this summer, so wouldn't be open until fall. I'm sure you can find one though. Goodluck!
    What school is it (in case I can't find one for this summer)?
    Thanks a bunch
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    #3 0 It's Tulsa Community College. The prereq for the class is Human Physiology.

    You'll get pharmacology in the LPN course, why not wait for that?
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    University of Missouri in Columbia offers one as well, however I don't know if it's open to LPN students or just strictly RN students but you could email the outreach people and ask I'm sure!!!

    Here is the actual link to the class:

    Our school also teaches one, but it's strictly for students in our program...sorry.....

    Good luck!!!!
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    I am taking Clinical Pharmacology online through the SUNY Learning Network this summer. The SUNY Learning Network offers a centralized location for finding online courses offered at the SUNY (State University of NY) schools, including community colleges. The actual college that offers the pharm course I'm taking is Cayuga Community College in Auburn, NY. To see their online course offerings go to or just go to
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    Minot State University (ND) offers an online pharmacology class. It is geared for nurses and is the same class nursing students going through that program take.

    I have not taken it (yet) but the professor was very communicative when I e-mailed her to inquire.
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    University of Wyoming has a pharmacology class that is 100% online. It's available in the summer and they don't charge out of state tuition.
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    I have been helped tremendously by this posting. I was surfing all over the internet for an online Pharmacology class.

    Thanks again for making my life a little easier.

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    Here's another one I just found. This one is independent learning (finally, something at our own pace!).