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  1. Good grief. To all who are replying to this poor nurse with ad hominem arguments against his wife, could you just stop already? Instead of attacking her character, his character, her mental health, etc., just answer his question. They are obviously not in a big metropolitan area and we all as Americans just went through a presidential election cycle where Fake News was the biggest issue. Relax. We are all in this together and to be aggressively berating this man is just unconscionable.
  2. rebecpar

    COVID-19 and lung disease

    What are you nurses who are on the front lines seeing with patients who have asthma and Covid-19? Are there generally poor outcomes In that population or is it COPD that’s more of a concern? And you nurses with asthma: are you changing your medication regimen during this outbreak to maximize your lung health (I.e. changing your maintenance inhaler usage, etc.)?
  3. rebecpar

    anyone done ADN-MSN NP?

    Which program are you in?
  4. rebecpar

    anyone done ADN-MSN NP?

    I'm looking for an ADN-MSN program as well (I already have a non-nursing bachelor's and master's). Specifically, I would like to find one that offers all the coursework online and where the clinical sites can be chosen near where I live. The programs I have found are Rush University, Drexel, and St. Louis University. Does anyone know of any others? I have found many ADN-MSN programs, but not many online.
  5. rebecpar

    Pharmacology Online?

    I am taking Clinical Pharmacology online through the SUNY Learning Network this summer. The SUNY Learning Network offers a centralized location for finding online courses offered at the SUNY (State University of NY) schools, including community colleges. The actual college that offers the pharm course I'm taking is Cayuga Community College in Auburn, NY. To see their online course offerings go to http://www.cayuga-cc.edu/academics/online or just go to http://sln.suny.edu/index.html.
  6. I'll be a new grad a year from now...I am starting my last year of nursing school in September. With three children, I am getting nervous about the prospect of working in a hospital as a new graduate and being required to work a lot of shifts, overtime, etc. However, most experienced nurses I speak to say that the best way to start off as a nurse is to start in a hospital for the experience. Is this true? Are there any new grads out there who start off doing something different, like working in a clinic or office? Also, is it possible as a new nurse to work per diem? I am starting a career in nursing not because I need the money or benefits, but because I love to care for people and I need the intellectual stimulation. For these reason I don't want to give up a majority of time to the career while my children are small (they are 6, 4, and 6 weeks old). Thanks in advance for any advice!