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    Well everyone, I PASSED LS1 with a 'B'!

    It was a super hard exam and I definitely didn't think I did very well when I was clicking End Exam. But I am thrilled with my success! Thanks for all the positive words of luck!


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    Good for you! Now, on to the next one!
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    Cogratulations!! This test is next on my list, how long did you study?
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    K3104, with all of th reading and studying combined it took me approximately 8 weeks. Good Luck to you!
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    Great job. I take that one soon. Any advice?
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    Thanks for all the congrats!!

    Tracey - do all the required reading, study from the free exam content guide and take EC practice exams. Study hard and try not to get stressed. This was a hard exam and I definitely didn't think that I passed it when I finished taking it. But thankfully I did. Good Luck to you!
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    You go girl!

    I need to start studying for the next one!
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    Thanks techie, just think the sooner you study for the next one the closer you are to finishing!! You can do it!
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    I am going to start very soon. I need to finish because I took 3 months off from August to now from testing.

    What do you have left? What are you going to take next?
    I have LS2, LS3, Transition, and Info Lit.

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